As an Account Executive at CentralReach, I am often asked an important question, “Why CentralReach?” This important question embodies much more than Practice Management software, the right scheduling and billing platform or perhaps even data collection and Clinical tools. While CentralReach provides a next generation, single source platform that increases productivity, efficiency and communication across clinical practices large and small, there are so many other reasons that practices should consider CentralReach.

By Clinicians, For Clinicians

First and foremost, CentralReach was developed for Clinicians by Clinicians. CentralReach CEO, Charlotte Fudge, was a practicing BCBA with her own ABA practice-serving children with Developmental Disabilities. She saw within her own practice, the incredible need of tools to help streamline managing client information, scheduling staff, maximizing and monitoring authorizations, filing claims, documenting and supervising and reporting on Clinical data. From that need and strong business acumen, Charlotte sought after technical expertise to begin increasing efficiencies by creating software to manage her business while maximizing her time with clients. From there CentralReach has grown and flourished to a full Practice Management and Clinical Data Collection platform serving thousands of users daily via the web-based software and now extending accessibility via a mobile application.

Passion for Helping Individuals with Disabilities

CentralReach is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of clinical settings, but also just as significantly, by a passion for the individuals, children, families and communities impacted by disability. This passion and purpose was my personal reason for choosing CentralReach. As a Mother of 3 young boys on the Autism Spectrum, I wanted an opportunity to continue to do meaningful work while supporting the ongoing needs of my growing children. I am fortunate to work with Clinical practices across the Country, in all disciplines including ABA, Speech, OT, Multi-Specialty and Education. CentralReach provides a World-Class software platform, and is supported by many individuals like Charlotte, myself and many others who have been personally impacted by disability. That’s why when clients come to CentralReach, they get much more than a software service, they gain support of a company that values and understands the significance and value of the work they do in their communities. We know that better managing schedules, extending access to families via our Client Portal, improving practice communication and data collection tools and automating billing and claims processes all make a big difference in growing practices and therefore helping more families. That is the passion that drives CentralReach. It’s not simply about the technology, but giving Clinicians the tools to serve more individuals and improve outcomes while managing and growing their businesses.

The ReachOut Team in Action!

The ReachOut Program

Our CentralReach ReachOut program is at the heart of my answer to, “Why CentralReach”. While our clients support the lifespan of needs of children and adults with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities, CentralReach saw the incredible need of creating employment opportunities for adults on the Autism Spectrum. With larger numbers of young adults with Autism and Developmental Disabilities transitioning from school into Adulthood, there are very limited opportunities for employment. With estimates as high as 75-85% unemployment rate for adults on the Autism Spectrum, CentralReach formed the ReachOut Initiative and now employs an inclusive team that includes adults on the Autism Spectrum. CNN just honored Amy Wright – Disability Advocate, CNN Hero of the Year as she employs 40 people with disabilities in her coffee shop. It is an exciting time to see more employers expanding job opportunities, valuing the unique skill-sets of adults with Disabilities and improving quality of life for individuals and their communities.

  Always Looking to Improve

CentralReach is also dedicated to continually improving, expanding and extending the current Practice Management software and Clinical software platform. CentralReach has a dedicated in-house development team. Our in-house development team are driven and guided by the growing and changing needs of the clients and practices currently using CentralReach. Best practices, understanding multi-discipline workflows and expertise in supporting clients from new practices through the enterprise level support, leads our innovation in providing better tools for our clients. This creates a seamless single source platform with the access and continuity to empower businesses of all sizes to maximize their time and resources leveraging one platform for all of their practice needs.

Whether you are currently a CentralReach customer, a small practice looking for the tools to grow your business or a clinic looking into software to support your clinical needs, there are many reasons beyond just industry-leading software to partner with CentralReach. Technology is the basis of our innovation, but at the heart of our organization is a vested interest and passion to improve efficiencies and outcomes for the significant population our client’s serve.

About the Author: Sarah Jackson is a CentralReach Account Executive in Atlanta, GA and a Mother of 3 young boys with Autism. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Atlanta Autism Consortium ( where she helps coordinate efforts that benefit children and adults with Autism. Sarah also serves on the Council for the Autism Plan for Georgia and is a LEND Fellow through Georgia State University Center of Leadership in Disability. To connect with Sarah, visit her on LinkedIn or send her a message.