Increase in Quality of Care and Enhanced Interdisciplinary Collaboration

In a field with high rates of burnout and turnover, Beyond Autism Services places a unique emphasis on training, developing, and engaging their Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs). They provide ABA, Speech, and Occupational therapies to clients across Pennsylvania in their homes, schools, and clinics. With a deep understanding of how training practices can impact staff’s success, they have developed enriched onboarding, training, continued education and career development avenues that empower RBTs with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to thrive. 

Impressive Growth and Quality Care

Speech and Occupational Therapy clients

Speech and Occupational Therapy hours

In-Clinic Service Hours

Clients Utilizing Parent Training Services

ABA Therapy Service hours

ABA Therapy clients

This exponential growth underscores the effectiveness of their investment in staff training and staff career development. 

Client Retention Rates 

Beyond Autism Services significantly exceeds the industry average, highlighting their commitment to high-quality care and client satisfaction.

Industry Average Rate

BAS Average Rate

(14% Family Initiated Discharges + 5% Unplanned Family Discharge)

RBT Retention Rates 

The industry average for RBT retention is about 64%. Beyond Autism Services' RBT retention rate of 97.15% far surpasses this average, demonstrating the dedication and their support they lend to develop high-quality programs. 

Industry Average

RBT Retention Rate

2 Weeks
Average from orientation to seeing clients

RBTs are required to complete the 40-hour coursework and a comprehensive, supportive shadowing process prior to working directly with clients – it typically takes approximately 2 weeks.

Implementing a Robust Onboarding Process 

Instilling and hiring compassionate and dedicated BT/RBTs and clinicians starts with a robust onboarding workflow. The leadership team at Beyond Autism Services recognizes the importance of investing in their staff from the onset. Upon hire, each behavior technician completes the 40-hour RBT Course and other mandatory courses, including HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Mandated Reporter training through CentralReach’s CR Institute. 

"I liked how easily accessible the course was. I was able to jump back into the course on breaks at work and during my bus commute home at the time from my phone."


Beyond Autism Services

While rotating shifts from engaging with the online training, new technicians shadow experienced clinicians. During these hands-on sessions, they apply the skills they learned during their online trainings, mastering essential competencies before working 1:1 with their own clients. 

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Onboarding Mentor 

During the onboarding process, staff are assigned a mentor to facilitate a smooth transition into the company. Having a single point of contact supports open communication and encourages a sense of belonging in the organization.


Empowering Staff with Mentorship and Career Development 

One particularly unique component of Beyond Autism’s organizational structure is its mentorship and career development programs. These programs provide a career path, allowing staff to grow from Behavior Technicians to Registered Behavior Technicians to Program Managers and Senior Clinicians. 


The Senior Clinicians are experienced RBTs. They oversee a cohort of staff who support a particular focus within the company. Some cohorts include quality control, center materials, social skills, engagement, onboarding and related services. Senior Clinicians gain valuable leadership experience in these roles and feel a stronger sense of connection to the company. Not only does this position provide value to the Senior Clinician, but the mentorship and guidance these staff provide to new clinicians are invaluable. 

"Our approach to onboarding and mentorship is a foundational part of our retention strategy. We want our RBTs to feel supported from day one, and that means giving them the resources and mentorship they need to succeed."

Theresa Praul-DeFrank

Director of Quality and Training
Beyond Autism Services

Supporting Ongoing Skill Development 

In a 2023 Work In America survey, the American Psychological Association found that 91% of respondents feel that having opportunities to learn in their jobs is important to them. Beyond Autism Services recognizes the importance of ongoing learning and prioritizes this through required annual training.

Training Programs: 

  • 2 Clinic Training Days: Conference style continuing education day dedicated to our RBT and Clinical Lead staff. Topics vary based on needs and staff interest 
  • Access to Course Library: Staff can select CEU training and professional development courses of interest to them through the CR Institute. 
  • Safety Care Training: Annual Recertification 

Progress Monitoring 

Beyond Autism Services ensures their staff continuously make progress toward individual and shared goals. They utilize learning trees in CentralReach’s CR Institute to track and monitor each staff’s fidelity of program and intervention implementation. The clinical leads also add the staff’s individual goals to their learning tree, where they can easily reference and monitor their own progress. 


While knowledge and implementation of behavior analytic principles are critical, many companies often neglect to assess and develop soft skills. Beyond Autism utilizes monthly progress reports to monitor their team’s soft skills and implement goals to support their growth in this area.

A Keen Focus on Avoiding Burnout 

Over 70% of ABA professionals report feeling moderate to high levels of burnout (Slowiak & DeLongchamp, 2022). Burnout is directly correlated with turnover, so another key to retaining staff is avoiding and compassionately responding to burnout. 


Beyond Autism Services leadership team has cultivated a culture of support through their onboarding, training, career development, and mentorship programs to improve job satisfaction and avoid feelings of burnout. However, they also recognize that the work ABA clinicians do can be physically and emotionally draining. They encourage staff to communicate as soon as they begin feeling burnout creeping in. This open and early communication allows the team time to make modifications, such as rotating clients, to avoid burnout progressing to unbearable levels.

“Often, therapists are concerned to ask off a case for many reasons but the main one being loss of income. We encourage our therapists to have open conversations about their burnout before they reach their last straw so we can have a seamless transition for both the therapist and client. During the time we are working on the transition, we also ensure they have added support!”

Jacqueline Godwin

Beyond Autism Services


Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration and Scaling Multi-D Care 

Beyond Autism Services integrates a interdisciplinary approach to care by ensuring that their RBTs collaborate closely with Speech and Occupational Therapy (SPOT) clinicians. This collaboration is fundamental to their strategy for scaling high-quality, multi-disciplinary care.

Client Integration in SP/OT Sessions 
Clients attend their Speech and Occupational Therapy sessions with their RBTs, ensuring continuous collaboration. RBTs actively participate in these sessions and are often provided instructions and support from their RS member and BCBA on how to effectively carry over skills outside of the sessions. This collaboration ensures that therapy goals are consistently generalized across all environments.

Consult Sessions for Enhanced Care 

Beyond Autism Services has developed a program where Speech and OT clinicians provide consult sessions by integrating into the RBT sessions. This approach allows clinicians to provide real-time guidance on discipline-specific targets, ensuring that these targets can be acquired more rapidly and generalized effectively. This model is particularly beneficial for clients with insurance or financial limitations on the speech and OT services they can access. 

The Future is Bright 

The team at Beyond Autism continues to grow, adding new roles as needs arise. With a solid foundation of support, growth opportunities, and quality training and skill development, the future of Beyond Autism Services is bright. 

"Our onboarding process and mentorship programs are integral to our success. We've seen a noticeable decrease in turnover and burnout, which we attribute to our comprehensive support system."

Theresa Praul-DeFrank

Director of Quality and Training 
Beyond Autism Services

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