PM + Clinical

The POWER of One

Unlock the full potential of your practice.

One Unified System
that Does it All

Operate with the ease of one system that syncs claims data and administrative data. Your data moving easily to where it needs to be, so you can do what you need to do.

PM + Clinical
PM + Clinical

No Double-Entries.
No Double-Checking. Just...Easy.

How much does it truly cost you to support multiple systems? Staff time, staff frustration, claims efficiency…tough to put a dollar on it all, but you know it’s there.

Accelerate claims submissions with electronic submissions, converting session note data to billing entries for rapid claim submissions.

Collect up to 98%

Once all the data is married together, it allows for greater efficiency in going from appointment to claims submissions to revenue. Our top performing organizations have achieved collection rates as high as 98%.

PM + Clinical

Maximize Authorizations

Increase visibility into authorized hours to maximize authorization utilization. Intuitive scheduling helps clinicians and schedulers avoid under and over-utilizing authorizations by preventing overbooking, enabling optimal learner progress and reducing payor denials.

Advanced Reporting

Increase visibility of operational health with reporting across all areas of operations in one location to make more efficient data-driven decisions.

HIPAA Compliant and Fully Secure

Storing sensitive data in more than one system adds additional risk to your business. Avoid inadvertent violations by housing all data in one location, ensuring the privacy and security of your clients and your business.

Elevate Your Clinicians and Your Outcomes

With streamlined documentation, integrated scheduling and billing workflows, and real-time data access, clinicians spend more time where it matters most–providing high-quality care to their learners.

PM + Clinical
PM + Clinical

Mobile RBT Workflows

An end-to-end workflow with access to staff’s schedule, appointment conversion with mobile session notes, and electronic visit verification (EVV

Staff Workflows
and Dashboards

A single platform, from intake to scheduling, data collection, billing, and collections.

Your staff can start their day off with ease, logging into one system to see their appointments for the day, the data associated with each client, and when their reports are due, all in one spot.

Support them with dashboards on each of their home page to allow all staff members to see to-do items on PM and Clinical side, as well as shortcuts to their daily tasks

PM + Clinical

Unlock the full potential of your practice

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