Uniquely ABA. Uniquely Yours.

Custom Built by BCBAs for BCBAs

You have a difficult job to do.
We make that job easier.

Our software has been dedicated to making the uniquely challenging jobs of each and every ABA professional easier to manage from day one. With our Behavioral Health Practice Management system we connect your clinical side with billing, payroll, scheduling and more. You now have one system to rely on to keep your practice on the right track.

Specialize Each Program Book to Each Individual

Each client is unique and requires a specific plan for care. You are able to create unique digital Program Books for each client that you can customize to fit their needs and help them reach their goals.

Sharing Information is Simple and Effective

Share your Program Books with parents or guardians or with staff that need access. Every person who needs to know progress and apply learnings is in the know with CentralReach.

Accurate and Fast Documentation

Once your clinical work is done your reporting work has been completed as well. ABA-specific reports make documentation in real-time a breeze while also allowing you to track goals and create graphs that provide detailed reporting on each individual's progress.

Customize Goals to Each Client

With a system dedicated to help each client learn at the speed they need to succeed, CentralReach has tools that easily adapt to new challenges before, during and after a session. Our ABA-specific software was built to provide a system that allows everyone to grow.

Exceptional Tools for You to Provide Exceptional Care

Our Data Sheets allow you to customize the way you chart and analyze graphs digitally. Our system is built to fit the needs of your clients and your practice both in the office and in the field.

Take Costly Time Out of Charts and Graphs

CentralReach “sessions” are customizable data sheets that allow your staff to personalize for each client. Data sheets update automatically when items are met, when phases change or when new prompts are prescribed. Get your staff out of the office and out working with clients.

Document Creation and Sharing Made Simple

In CentralReach, users can create goals, documents and company-specific curriculum and share with their team in a secure library. We also provide Library Templates to quickly craft your client’s Program Book.

The CentralReach Marketplace Provides the Clinical Curricula Your Practice Needs to Advance

From continuing education to RBT courses and more, our Marketplace is the place to go to allow your staff and your practice to stay up to date and allow advancement on curriculum in the ABA industry.

Customized Labels Link the Clinic with the Practice

Our customizable labels help keep clients schedules easily visible and match staff and client availability. Labels keep your practice organized and maximize your ability to book sessions.

Claims Start Automatically with Every Appointment

Streamline your admin work thanks to CentralReach’s ability to connect every aspect of your practice management. From appointment to authorizations, your practice is easier to run with our integrated system.

Billing and Claims are Simple with Codes

Billing is made easy thanks to an advanced system designed for ABA professionals, by ABA professionals. We have specialized billing rates and customized codes that correlate to the care your practice provides.

Our Claims Manager Makes Your Practice Manageable

CentralReach’s Claims Manager takes a billable appointment and creates a reliable claim submission with each appointment. Submit every claim with the client and billing info you need, including clinical notes, to create a billing process that’s simple and smart for your practice.

A Properly Integrated System for Proper Compliance

Our system is HIPAA compliant to allow every claim you process to be submitted properly and in full compliance. We take out any guesswork involved with HIPAA compliance.

Simple Document Integration and Uploading

Easily upload any document into our system to integrate what you have always relied on for compliance. Need to update your documents? No problem. Utilize our system to customize billing and payroll documents for improved practice management.