You do many things. We do too.

We Can Bring Your Multi-Specialty Practice to the Next Level

Custom Solutions To Centralize Your Multi-Specialty Practice

Your practice ranges widely in care options, clients and specialized staff. Stop fighting against time and managing different systems, start using a software that connects your entire multi-specialty practice in one place. With CentralReach, our customized system will work with the uniqueness of your multi-specialty practice while providing the functions your staff, regardless of role, needs to succeed.

Custom Program Books

Specific Books for Specific Client Types
Allow your clinical experts to thrive with our customizable Program Books. Regardless of your practice’s focus, you can tailor the way each individual’s data is captured and reported.
Sharing Progress and Goals is Simple and Effective
Share your Program Books with anyone who needs to know or track an individual’s progress. Whether it be parent, guardian or caregiver, each person who needs to know progress and apply learnings is in the know with CentralReach.

Automatic Progress Reports

Documentation at the Speed You Need
Documentation that auto creates the reporting you need to track client progress. Customize your reports to fit the needs of your practice.
Tailor Goals Based on Clients
Our system is committed to help each individual learn at the speed they need for success and growth. CentralReach has tools that easily adapt to new challenges before, during and after a session. Create goals and targets that match each client and the pace they learn at.

Interactive Data Sheet Builder

The Tools You Need for Your Practice to Thrive
Our Data Sheets provide you the ability to customize the way you build, document and analyze graphs digitally. CentralReach provides you functionality and support to build our system and fit the needs of your clients and your practice.
Create Custom Data Sheets for Each Type of Individual
Your practice, and each client you care for, is wonderfully unique. We built our system to cater to your unique functions, all while providing the important tools you need to give the best care.

Goal & Curriculum Library

Your Library Accessed from Anywhere
In CentralReach, team members can create and share documents and company specific curriculum. With our web-based system, these documents can be accessed anytime and anywhere your team members need them.
A Marketplace for Advancement
The CentralReach Marketplace provides an avenue for your staff to stay ahead on CEUs and gives the an opportunity to learn and grow with curriculum built for them and able to use in our system.

Link Appointments to Authorizations

An Organized Practice is a Successful Practice
Our customizable labels will help you separate the different types of care you will provide, while keeping your staff and client availability easily viewable. With labels, you decide what is linked together and what is separated.
Claims Start Automatically with Every Appointment
CentralReach’s ability to make connections with your practice will keep everything related, while still allowing for separation of care for your Multi-Specialty business. From appointment to authorizations, your practice is easier to run with our integrated system.

Customizable Billing Rates & Codes

Our Codes Make Your Claims Simple
Your billing management doesn’t have to be so difficult. With CentralReach, you can customize our system to fit your practice’s needs. We will help you apply proper billing codes and rates to simplify your process to get paid.
The Claims Manager You Always Wanted to Hire
The CentralReach Claims Manager tool starts your billing process as soon as an appointment is made, then connects every point of our system to make your process streamlined and simple. A manager you can rely on!

HIPAA-Compliant Document Management

A Properly Integrated System for Proper Compliance
Our system is HIPAA compliant to allow every claim you process to be submitted properly. We provide ease of mind by taking out any guesswork with your HIPAA compliance.
Easy Document Uploading and Integration
Upload any document into our system to integrate what you have always relied on for compliance. Need to update your documents? No problem. Utilize our system to customize billing and payroll documents for improved practice management.