Move clinical decision-making
closer to the point of care

PrecisionX: Precision Teaching software for ABA practices.

CR PrecisionX

Quickly get up and running with an online Standard Celeration Chart. With CR PrecisionX™, deliver accelerated outcomes for learners struggling to succeed. Easily manage staff, learners, charts, and ABA data collection pinpoints on the complete, HIPAA-compliant software for Precision Teaching.

The easiest way to do Precision Teaching

Get charting in minutes

The easy-to-use platform equips you to log in, make a pinpoint to measure, start a chart, and collect data within seconds. If you can type a number, you can chart.

Reduce time spent on analysis

Simple pinpoints offer clarity on exactly what is being measured. Results on the Standard Celeration Chart help clinicians set clinical decision-making frameworks - leading to frequent, evidence-based decisions.

No more re-graphing

Toggle between timing, daily, monthly, and yearly Standard Celeration Chart views. Quickly switch data aggregation, enlarge data points, turn off the blue grid lines, and much more.

precisionx software running on tablet

As easy or advanced as you wish

However you choose to use CR PrecisionX, you'll see the impact precise RBT data collection and frequent, confident, BCBA decisions have on your learners' outcomes. Stay simple with easy ABA therapy data collection. Celeration (trend lines) will automatically appear for you, along with an easy-to-read legend. Add aims, conditions, phases, and notes with just a click or two.

Or dive deeper with metrics like bounce (variability), data aggregation options, multiple SCC views, and the Functional Analysis Celeration Chart.

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Operational Excellence in ABA

Read how operational excellence can be achieved at your ABA practice and why it’s critical in enabling successful scaling and growth.

Training and CEUs on Precision Teaching

Easily train new staff with our Precision Teaching Overview and Standard Celeration Chart Basics courses. Plus, tap into 30+ CEUs to raise the level of staff satisfaction, improve communication about client treatment, and accelerate clinical outcomes. All included in our made-for-ABA Learning Management System.

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