ABA Practice Management Software with an ✨AI Boost

Manage intake, scheduling, billing, payroll, and more with all-in-one, HIPAA-compliant ABA practice management software.

Standardize Your Operations with
All-in-One ABA Practice Management Software

Streamline Workflow

Bring your entire operation under one roof with seamless integration of intake, scheduling, billing, clinical data collection, and more – all within a single platform.

Be Audit-Ready

Automatically match clinical and billing documentation to ensure audit readiness – no more stressing and hunting through loads of files when auditors come knocking.

Grow Profitability

Improve the entire revenue cycle management flow from the moment a potential client is authorized to final payment.

Do More With Less

Shift your focus from tedious administrative tasks to scaling your business, providing the highest quality care, and reaching more clients in need.

Practice Management by the Numbers

Trusted by clinicians and administrators
Reduce time spent on documentation
Collect above the
industry average

Practice Management Software for ABA Organizations

Improve the client experience

A diagnosis can be hard. Make things easier for clients and families by offering an accelerated intake process and addressing your waitlist.

Get paid more of what’s owed

Optimize earnings with best-in-class ABA billing solutions and authorization. Plus, choose CR Billmax Services to scale care and improve revenue flow.

Maximize clinician time

Spend time with clients, not on paperwork and graphing. CentralReach syncs program books with data sheets, and automatically fills out clinical reports.

Gain outcomes intelligence

Harness your data with a suite of analytics solutions to optimize performance, accelerate cashflow, and improve client outcomes as you scale and grow.

Achieve top-tier compliance certification

Trust CentralReach for leading security to safeguard your information and maintain compliant documentation for payor audits.

Empower parents, caregivers, and clients

Share files, resources, parent training, and even digital data collection to generalize learning to everyone, everywhere.

Practice Management
Clinical Data Collection

“We were looking for a complete system that included practice management and clinical data collection. CentralReach has exceeded our expectations. It has proven invaluable to helping us scale as an organization.”

Mike Pearson
President and Founder
Advanced Behavioral Health

Why Centralize Practice Management Operations?

With all the challenges and opportunities facing ABA practices, many BCBAs and ABA professionals are turning to a fully-digital, centralized system to:

Operational Excellence
in ABA

Read how operational excellence can be achieved at your ABA practice and why it’s critical in enabling successful scaling and growth.

  • Gain efficiency

    By integrating intake, scheduling, authorizations, billing, clinical data collection, and back-office operations within a single platform, you can save time and focus on what matters most: your clients.

  • Scale service delivery

    Powerful automations streamline and standardize every part of the workflow, with purpose-built reporting to drive excellence in scheduling, revenue cycle management, and clinical care.

  • Maintain compliance

    By audit-proofing your ABA therapy practice management with fully integrated, HIPAA and SOC2 compliant software, you can safeguard the integrity of client data and services.

  • Optimize ABA schedules

    Easy oversight and tracking of authorizations enables organizations to capitalize on every payor-authorized dollar, while managing staff schedule preferences.

  • Serve more clients in need

    By reducing administrative challenges and streamlining workflows, you can save valuable time, reduce non-billable hours, and take your practice to the next level of growth.

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Frequently asked questions

CentralReach offers an end-to-end, fully integrated Practice Management software that includes simplified intake, accurate scheduling, optimized billing, efficient documentation, and next-level communication. CR Practice Management also fully integrates with CR Clinical.

CentralReach supports unlimited, HIPAA compliant, centralized storage to organize all staff and client records. Organizations can update contact information in bulk, classify, sort, and filter records, and use reports to keep documents up-to-date and easily accessible.

With the scheduling feature, you will have access to a variety of different views of your calendar. This includes the ability to view other employees’, providers’, or clients’ calendars to ensure synchronization across the organization. You may also track attendance and cancellation reasons.

Yes, CR Practice Management empowers organizations to efficiently bill primary, secondary, and tertiary payors.

Monitor billing entries from the moment they are created to when payments are posted. CR Practice Management allows you to generate invoices, process claims faster, collect credit card payments, and more. For example, track accounts receivable using filters such as billing date, date of service, client, and provider to ensure payments were received and posted correctly.

It’s time to focus on what matters most

Our all-in-one ABA Practice Management Software can help your organization shift focus from tedious administrative tasks to scaling your business, providing the highest quality care, and reaching more clients in need.

To find out how, speak to one of our experts today!