ABA Staff Training, Competency & Skill Development: RBT Training and More

Streamline and improve onboarding, training, retention, and professional development of your clinical and non-clinical staff with ABA continuing education.

Operational Excellence
in ABA

Read how operational excellence can be achieved at your ABA practice and why it’s critical in enabling successful scaling and growth.

Enrich and develop those dedicated to ABA care.

Attract Talent

With 250+ leading ABA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) you can highlight professional development perks as a part of your talent acquisition strategy.

Onboard Immediately

With ready-made content be compliant out-of-the-gate so employees can start contributing faster.

Invest in Staff

With ABA staff training, never run out of fresh, quality content that helps staff expand their behavior-analytic skills and stay abreast of new developments in the industry.

Retain Staff

With meaningful ABA continuing education. Answer today’s questions in behavior analysis with new professional development courses to build staff competency.

Quality of Care

Empower your staff with trainings to help them provide the highest quality of care and become effective in their daily roles

ABA Staff Training, Competency & Skill Development by the numbers

0+ CEUs
Constantly growing ABA continuing education courses
Certifications earned through CR Institute over the past 12 months

Top 2 Provider

For the 40-HR RBT training course with more than 6,200 test takers in 2022

Operational Excellence in ABA

Trumpet Behavioral Health Creates Positive Onboarding Experience with CR Institute

“Our turnover is quite low, and we can get people through our new hire process quickly. For me to say CR Institute is operating smoothly, is a big deal because we have a lot of people navigating the system successfully and it’s very intuitive. We can see new staff is getting through training faster with CR Institute.” - Amber Valentino

Stay current on industry developments,
evidence-based practices, and software skills

Hassle-free, compliant, and ready to work on day one

Get up and running in just 2 hours, save time with employee onboarding and enable staff to be ready to work quickly, easily and successfully.

Always Expanding Catalog

Over 250+ training and continuing education courses include 40-hour RBT course, HIPAA courses, staff training, ethics CEUs, supervision CEUs, and more.

CentralReach Software Courses

Offer CentralReach software courses to optimize your CentralReach workflows. Plus, enhance staff efficiency and prove expertise with CR Software Certifications.

Administrative Reporting

View reports on learner engagement, last login, course utilization, course completion, quiz scores, assessment attempts, and much more!

Interactive Content

Over 25+ interactive page types keep staff clicking and engaging with the content, making it a part of their personal repertoire.

ACE Certified

CentralReach is an authorized continued education (ACE) Provider by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

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Insights, knowledge, and best practices

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Case Study

Trumpet Behavioral Health Case Study

5min | Posted on Mar 15, 2023

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Frequently asked questions

CR Institute will help you develop your staff’s core competencies and turn them into leaders from within your organization. This investment in their skills will encourage retention within your organization.

Yes! From the CR Institute platform, you can access all of the HIPAA, compliance, and regulatory courses for ABA practitioners.

The CR Institute platform has fully auditable course tracking whereby the admin will be able to ensure that all courses required have been completed.

The CR Institute will enable you to create personalized learning paths for new employee onboarding, based on roles and responsibilities. With the CR Institute, you won’t need to spend time onboarding and training new teams members 1:1 every time they join your company, and instead, you just provision all the required courses they need to take before starting to work, while you track course completion to ensure they have taken them all before you start delivering services -- if required.

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