The CentralReach Autism and IDD Care Platform™

The only software designed with the lifelong journey
of autism and IDD care management - at home, school, and work.

What is the CR Autism and IDD Care Platform?

Care professionals need a way to unlock their full potential to serve more individuals with Autism and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), in every stage of life. CentralReach's Autism and IDD Care Platform is the only purpose-built software that enables care professionals to extend care so those they serve can achieve better outcomes and live more independent lives.

We are Facing an Autism and IDD Care Gap™

For the 200 million+ individuals with an Intellectual and Developmental Disability, services are often limited due to lack of staff and resources. We know we are facing an Autism and IDD Care Gap because there is:

At least a 54% shortage in clinicians.

The scarcity in staff places added strain on providers, increases clinician burnout, and makes it more difficult for individuals to access care when they need it.

71% of school districts report shortages in special education teachers.

Effects are significant. As the number of students receiving special education services continues to increase, educators struggle to balance the growing demands of the field.

The unemployment rate for adults with Autism has reached nearly 80%.

We see individuals aging out of resources – and, as a result, lacking the support they need to become more confident, achieve greater levels of independence, gain employment, and succeed in the workplace.

CentralReach has the only platform designed to close the Autism and IDD Care Gap™

From early childhood to adulthood and across therapy sessions, schools, the workplace, and the community, CentralReach’s platform has the tools to overcome today’s care limitations and to improve outcomes.

Therapy Providers

Best-in-class Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) software solutions designed to enable clinicians to digitize autism care and serve more clients in need.

Small Therapy Practices

Enterprise Therapy Practices

Special Education

Intuitive assessment and IEP tracking solutions that equip educators with the tools and insights needed to measurably improve student outcomes and bridge learning gaps.

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Neurodiverse Employment

Empower individuals with autism or IDD through task-based assistive technology that bolsters confidence and increases success in the workplace, and beyond.

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Comprehensive technology solutions to expand boundaries and elevate care

We believe in a new world where you can provide more care access to the autistic & IDD community, reach more special education goals that drive student success, and fill more open positions with neurodiverse talent. Read our whitepaper to learn how the CentralReach Platform can change the entire care continuum and open the floodgates to serve more individuals in need.

Closing the IDD Care Gap

Work Smarter

Reduce manual work and do more with less, using integrated, purpose-built software.

Outcomes Intelligence

Complete visibility and data insights to inform quality service delivery and scale care.

Extend Boundaries

Reinforce skills and empower independence using technology-enabled care solutions.

Expand Care

Improve your capacity with software, so you can enable more learners to achieve their potential.

Empower Staff

Equip staff with leading ABA training and tools that place the learner at the center of focus.

Compliant Care

Protect client and staff information with our leading security safeguards.

Ready to get ahead of the game?

Unlock your full potential with
CentralReach’s Autism and IDD Platform.

Learn how our solutions can transform your business, client care, and revenue. Read the whitepaper to learn how the CentralReach platform can change the entire care continuum and open the floodgates to serve more individuals in need.