Enhance Multidisciplinary Care with Advanced ABA Software and Establishing Operations

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All Your Specialties

The all-in-one software; from scheduling to billing to data collection to establishing operations for ABA, Speech, Occupational Therapy, or other services your organization offers.

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Bring Your Multidisciplinary Operations Under One Roof

Customized Workflows

Develop customized templates to document clinical records quickly and efficiently with pre-configured goals and objectives or add entirely new ones based on the client’s needs.

Improved Scheduling

Intuitive scheduling effectively manages client and provider schedules across service types (I.e., speech, ABA, and more), prevents overbooking, allows for recurring appointments, and reduces payor denials and billing issues.

Increased Visibility

With all crucial services under one platform, your team will have visibility across your entire operation, making it easier to pull data required by funding sources.

Stay Compliant

Integrated with Central Reach’s HIPAA-compliant platform, sensitive client and provider information is protected from potential security breaches.

Expand Your Organization

“[CentralReach] is a platform that has allowed us to scale.”
Dr. Neil Hattangadi, Cortica

Advance Multidisciplinary Care

Quickly write SOAP notes

Save time as client, provider, and session details auto-fill into SOAP notes, allowing clinicians to focus on the note narrative. Quickly document progress on a client’s existing goal - or quickly add a new goal. Goal progress is automatically stored in a HIPAA-compliant client file.

Spend less time writing

Report writing has never been faster than with CentralReach’s industry-leading tools. Create custom report templates that auto-fill client, insurance, provider, and goal information. Plus, pull in auto-generated graphs to visually display progress on each goal.

Meet insurance requirements

Create a limitless number of SOAP notes, progress reports, and evaluation templates for multiple disciplines to meet the requirements of different payors.

Why CentralReach? One Centralized Platform.

Access end-to-end insights

With all your specialties on one comprehensive platform, gain more critical insights into clinical care and business opportunities. Integrated billing shows where you’re collecting revenue, how authorized hours are utilized, and which payors provide the greatest reimbursement.

Offer one client experience

Clients have one simple client portal login, making it easier for families to access their appointment schedules, documents, goal progress, and even view and pay outstanding balances.

Frequently Asked Questions

An organization that offers ABA services, plus one or more of the following services, is considered multidisciplinary:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy (OT)
  • Psychotherapy/Counseling
  • Physical Therapy (PT)
  • Early Intervention Services

For ABA services, the BCBA provides an evaluation and writes a treatment plan. The behavior technician (BT/RBT) provides direct therapy, as outlined by the BCBA. The BT/RBT’s are not able to make clinical decisions, whereas the BCBA and SLP are.


For multidisciplinary services such as Speech, Occupational Therapy, and more, a licensed SLP, OT, PT, or Psychotherapist/social worker works directly with the client. The licensed therapist performs the evaluation/assessment, writes the treatment plan, and provides direct therapy for their clients. The provider can make clinical decisions to alter the plan of the session.

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