Always On Time

Scheduling Software That Simplifies Your Practice

We Look at Appointments from Every Angle

Multiple Viewing Options Make Scheduling Quick and Easy

Matching staff and client availability has never been smoother thanks to our integrated scheduling system that allows you to view exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Clients and staff synced together in one easy to view tool.

Easy Integration with Payroll and Billing

Coded appointments make billing and claims an effortless process. Once an appointment is converted to a Timesheet, the payroll and claims process has already begun. Nothing to crack with our codes - they’re easy to use and making tracking claims a breeze.

Scheduling is Simply the Starting Point

Every Appointment is Connected to an Authorization

By linking appointments to preloaded authorizations, you can maximize authorized time and avoid over-scheduling and over-billing. Mysterious scheduling issues are now a thing of the past.

Stay Organized with Appointment Tags

Organize all of your calendar with labels for custom groups, clients, staff and more. You create the system that works for your practice to stay on task and organized.

Instantly Find the Right Member for Your Client

The Find a Provider tool helps administrators search by zip codes, miles to client, availability, and more to match clients with suitable staff. Calendar search features let BCBAs and clinical directors find which RBTs can meet client needs.