Billing Made Easy

All-in-one billing software powered by BillMax technology

Track & Archive Every Claim for Every Client

Shorten Your Claim Work to Extend Your Make a Difference Work

Every stage of billing just got easier thanks to an advanced system designed for ABA professionals, by ABA professionals. We know what you need to quickly and simply process your claims and get back to the work your practice specializes in providing.

Automatically Generated Billing with Every Appointment

Our system matches each appointment with a specific authorization and billing codes. We start the claims process for you to take out the guesswork and make generating claims a breeze.

The Best Claims Manager You’ve Never Hired

Reliable Claim Submissions from Pre-Built or Customized Templates

CentralReach’s Claims Manager transforms billable appointments into reliable claims submissions. Submit every claim with all client and billing info to ensure a seamless billing process.

Audit-Proof Billing System that Tracks Each Line Item for You

Track every detail with our internal Claims Manager. Quickbooks-friendly Claims Manager can reconcile individual claims, or multiple payments at once, making your tasks simple and easy to manage.

Introducing CR BillMax Services

CentralReach new managed billing services gives you access to best in class billing professionals, experts in optimizing CR's revenue cycle management workflows, to help you improve clean claim rates, maximize revenue, and take you one step closer to a positive cash flow. Learn More