ABA Billing with Collections up to 97.4%

CR BillMax will help you get paid faster and optimize billing operations with expert, outsourced billing services.

Managed billing service to streamline
your billing & collections

Increase cash flow

Get paid faster, without interruptions, when our experienced ABA billing team is following up on your billing, payments, and AR/denials. 

Optimize RCM 

A specialized managed billing service designed to optimize RCM billing processes, increase claims acceptance, and accelerate reimbursements.

Dedicated team

Your dedicated CR BillMax team member nurtures open communication and provides regular updates on your revenue cycle management. 

Compliant ABA billing

With expertise in ABA billing and the CentralReach platform, billing is HIPPA-compliant and follows the latest laws, resulting in faster-optimized payments. 

Get paid faster. Billing by the numbers.


Gross collection rate
within the first 3 months


Gross collection rate after
the first 12 months


ABA billing claims processed
in the past 12 months

Are you billing unethically without realizing it?

There is only 1 way to be sure.

End-to-end revenue cycle management

Proven ABA billing workflows

Our CR BillMax experts implement workflows proven to maximize revenue and take you one step closer to a positive cash flow

Optimized claims processing

CR BillMax takes claims scrubbing to the next level. We have the experience to ensure your practice collects the highest potential revenue

Full transparency

No hidden processes. You have real-time access to billing, receivables, payments, and claim statuses from within your
CentralReach ABA Software

Industry-specific billing experts

Outsource your billing to a team of proven experts that specialize in ABA, fluent in all of its industry-specific intricacies

Most organizations recover only 81-85% of what is available to them

With the right billing experts, the right tools, and the most extensive experience in the industry, you can collect more of what you are owed. 

ABA Billing Client North Point Pediatric Behavior Therapy

Customer Success Story

NorthPoint Pediatric Behavior Therapy accomplished
three major goals within their first 6 months with CR BillMax

  • Achieved claim resolution rates of 98-99%.

  • Saved countless hours on billing processes.

  • Rapidly grew and scaled their business.

Understand the details of ABA billing
through CR BillMax partnership.

Stay in the know

Insights, knowledge, and best practices

Practice Management

Solutions for Every Stage
of Your ABA Journey

Frequently asked questions

CR BillMax, a trusted partner, will manage your billing and revenue cycle management for you. This includes everything from initial billing to claims processing and account receivables. Our team is trained not only on best practices with CentralReach, but industry best practices and laws.

If you are new to CentralReach, you will go through the standard implementation process for the CentralReach platform and Change Healthcare. We will then introduce you to your CR BillMax Implementation Coordinator during the initial implementation call with the CentralReach Implementation Team. Typically, CR BillMax implementation begins after you have your Change Healthcare submitter ID and some payer’s setup. The standard timeline for new customers getting set up with CR BillMax is 4 weeks, but again, we try to fit this timeline into your CentralReach implementation timeframe, so it overlaps.

Any billing activities that tie back to a compensation value, will remain as part of your company’s responsibility as those pertain to your clinical operations. The CR BillMax team will advise on anything that could be considered fraudulent or contradicts billing guidelines of a payor, however, our focus is on clean claims billing in CentralReach.

With CR BillMax, our team will take over claims processing and account receivables. Many of our customers have seen that once they transition to our managed billing team, they are able to reduce billing resources in claims processing and account receivables.

CR BillMax average gross collection for customers within the first 3 months is 92% and 97.4% within the first year.