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ABA Knowledge Builder is an effective, robust test prep solution for aspiring BCBAs, BCaBAs, & RBTs

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Highlight state-of-the-art test preparation and professional development as an employee benefit and stand out as a premier organization in the field of ABA.

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Support, certify, and retain your staff by providing robust, ongoing professional development and test preparation.

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Grow internal capacity and help your organization flourish by investing in career development for your staff.

A comprehensive solution for building competency

Unlimited Mock Exams

With our bank of over 3000+ Mock exam questions for BCBAs/BCaBAs and 750+ RBTs, behavior analytic candidates build competency and knowledge through understanding using multiple exemplars

Individualized Curriculum

Using the results from mock BCBA exams, BCBA and BCaBA candidates learn using courses that target every concept on the BACB® task list


With over 2000+ SAFMEDS for BCBAs/BCaBAs and 150+ for RBTs, candidates build competency with word-to-concept and concept-to-word fluency, and the use of data and fully customized decks to inform learning

On-Demand Recordings

Candidates receive on-demand study group recordings to acquire and maintain vital knowledge. Plus, weekly open office hours are available for BCBAs/BCaBAs. Never worry if your candidates are struggling to understand a complex concept, we are here to help

On-Demand Review

Balancing coursework and studying with everyday responsibilities can be a challenge. Learners have access to meaningful and engaging content at their convenience, from any location

Insight on Learner Progress

With student usage and invaluable data analytics, gain a deep understanding of student competency and program effectiveness with ABA Knowledge Builder

Operational Excellence in ABA

Read how operational excellence can be achieved at your ABA practice
and why it’s critical in enabling successful scaling and growth.

Partners across the country are unlocking potential for aspiring behavior analytic professionals

"I am so thankful I found this test prep program before taking my exam. The mock questions were perfectly challenging to prepare me for the real exam. Following completion of the course, I felt truly confident in my knowledge. I passed the exam on the first try!"

- Shayna

"The breakdown of areas tested on the mock exam gave me a clear study plan to cover task list items I was weaker on. I particularly appreciated the practice questions embedded in the C module study materials, with instant feedback on correct and incorrect responses. I enjoyed live study group, and found that the practice questions and feedback following active student responding taught me how to determine what was really being asked in the test questions. Overall, I found the study process more pleasant than four years ago when I used another study program to prepare for the BCaBA exam..."

- Merilee

"Listening to these study groups and doing the online minicourses absolutely played a huge role in me passing, I learned so much about test taking, what kinds of things would be on the test, and how to prepare myself mentally to be successful. Thank you so much for your help in this, it was priceless for me!!"

- Brittany

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Frequently asked questions

Your learner has unlimited access to mock exams. They can take as many mock exams as they would like while they have access to the application. We have built over 3000+ Mock exam questions for BCBAs/BCaBAs and 750+ RBTs so taking multiple mocks will give them new questions in a new order, guaranteeing that no mock exam they take will be the same. They can even shorten the mock to a specific number of questions and not always take a full 175-question exam. For example, they can customize their mock exam to only provide 20 questions.

This is completely dependent on your organization. We provide suggestions for SAFMEDS for learners who start using ABA Knowledge Builder at the beginning of their program. We also provide study material that can be useful for your learners throughout their ABA program. Some organizations are only providing a test prep tool as their learner prepares to sit for their exam, this is completely fine, and we provide tips on where to start with SAFMEDS to help prepare for the exam.

Absolutely! Supervisors will be able to see which Mini-Courses have been completed by their supervisees. In addition, we’ve provided thorough instructions on how Supervisees can send reports of their mock exam results and SAFMEDS charts!

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