Pricing Policy

The following information outlines CentralReach’s Pricing Policies. CentralReach may update billing policies at any time after 30 day notice given to Customer. This page is regularly updated as new product features are made available or industry regulations changed. Customers are encouraged to review policies often for changes.

General Billing Options

Implementation Training Fees:

CentralReach Implementation & Training Fees are billed in advance of the upcoming month of services.

Subscription & Support Fees

CentralReach software subscription and support fees are billed monthly in advance of the upcoming month based on per employee seat pricing with unlimited client accounts. Subscriptions include the use and access of the CentralReach software site for your organizational and employee account(s). CentralReach bills monthly, with payment due 30 days in advance. The first month’s charge is calculated using the committed number of employee(s) plus the support fee. This first charge will take place on 1st of the month during which the contracted Employee Access Date falls. Ongoing monthly charges are determined by reviewing the Organizational account and taking the total number of accounts that were active at any point during the prior billing cycle, multiplying by the plan user rate and adding any support charges or service fees.

Transactional Fees (E-Claims, Statements, Imports, & Custom Work):

CentralReach also offers dynamic reporting and custom system configuration services at a rate of $200 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. All updates to reports are billed at the hourly rate with a 1 hour minimum for any update requests. CentralReach often times creates custom payroll reports for our clients to import for a payroll service such as ADP, Paychex, etc. The minimum cost for a custom payroll export is $600.00. Actual cost determined at time of initial consultation.

Payment Options:

Customer can pay via one of three methods: ACH initiated by CentralReach, ACH initiated by customer, or Credit card.

Payment Terms:

Please note that all invoices are deemed late after 30 days of the date received. For customers choosing option two there will be a requirement of a credit card on file to be processed on the 11th day following the date of the invoice if payment is not received via standard ACH. Failure to pay outstanding balance in full within 40 days (30 days plus a 10 day grace period) will result in account suspension on day 41 per our Term, Termination, and Data Retention Policy.

Refund/Credit Policy:

CentralReach does not refund subscription fees for partial month services for deactivated employees or account cancellation.

Customer Support Plans & Training Fees

Customer/Technical Support:

CentralReach offers 3 levels of customer support to the organizations designated Super Administrator(s) as follows:

  • Basic
  • Extended
  • Concierge

Basic support includes tickets to our Customer Care Department. Representatives will work with administrators to solve any technical problems and/or direct to the appropriate Help Article in CentralReach. Extended and Concierge services include a dedicated Customer Success Manager and regular trainings to ensure optimal software utilization. While training services are typically offered in a webinar format, training can also be offered on-site. Small and large group training packages are available remotely as web-based meetings or in person. Please inquire with CentralReach for additional details.

Electronic Clearinghouse Fees

Electronic Claims Submission (ANSI 837):

Electronic claims submission includes sending electronic claims to CentralReach’s clearinghouse partners. This is charged at $0.20 per electronic claim.

Electronic Claims Submission (ANSI 835):

Electronic remittance advice (ERA) includes includes receiving ERA messages from CentralReach’s clearinghouse partners. There is no charge for this service.

Data Import/Export and Storage

Data Import / Export Fees:

CentralReach will conduct any contact imports, organizational clients and employees, as well as billing/procedure codes, at no charge to a current client. Contact imports include basic contact and client insurance information. Other data imports and exports are charged in advance. With the exception of Learn imports, all source data must be provided in CentralReach .xls or .csv templates. Custom imports are available at $200 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Automatic data exports are available to FTP accounts for additional per user fees.

Excess Data Storage Fees:

Each organization and their employee accounts are entitled to a monthly allowance of additional storage space (over and above x) in an amount of 100MB times the number of active employees within the organization. These fees are due in Arrears. Excess data storage fees are $15.00 per 100 MB per month. Unused allowances in a given month cannot be carried forward or transferred among organizations.

This policy was last updated February 9th, 2017.