In recent years, the surge of artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed organizations across industries. In the ABA field, AI holds great potential for streamlining workflows, increasing productivity and capacity, and improving RCM. Most importantly, AI can support the improvement of the delivery of ABA therapy, elevating clinical outcomes. As a trailblazer in behavior analytic software, CentralReach is incorporating innovative AI-powered solutions into our Autism and IDD Care Platform.

Understanding AI in ABA  

In today’s digital age, new technologies are rapidly emerging. AI has recently been at the forefront, promising solutions to many challenges ABA clinicians and organizations face. However, it's important to note that AI tech can be a double-edged sword. While it can produce positive results in ABA, it also has the potential for harm and unethical applications. When adopting new tech into your organization, it's crucial to approach it cautiously, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its abilities, limitations, and most importantly, ethical considerations. The goal of technology should always be to leverage it in a way that enhances the quality and efficiency of your services while upholding high standards of ethical care.

When deployed responsibly, AI can help organizations serve more learners, reducing the autism and IDD care gap.

AI-powered solutions can support a wide range of potential uses in ABA, including: 

  • Optimizing schedules 
  • Generating session notes 
  • Real-time test prep support 
  • Making data-driven treatment decisions  
  • Pre-billing audits

Benefits of AI-Powered Solutions in ABA 

With occupational burnout on the rise, AI-powered solutions can help reduce the likelihood by streamlining administrative tasks, automating workflows, and providing data-driven insights. As Rick Kubina, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Director of Research at CR, explained, “Burnout is real and has a very insidious effect on an organization. We think AI can be used in a way that can really help reduce that burnout and enhance the quality of people’s jobs and wellbeing if done thoughtfully.” 

Save time

AI automates administrative tasks, freeing up clinicians to focus on client care. 

Optimize workflows

AI streamlines processes from intake to billing for maximum efficiency. 

Ensure clean claims

AI-powered billing catches and corrects errors, improving reimbursement rates. 

Boost accuracy

Automated session summaries enhance objectivity and accuracy.

Increase productivity

ABA clinicians accomplish tasks faster with AI-optimized workflows. 

Improve financial health

Fewer claim denials lead to higher collections and better cash flow. 

Provide real-time support

AI bots offer immediate assistance and guidance to technicians and trainees. 

Dispelling Common Misconceptions About AI in Therapy 

As AI gains traction in the healthcare field, some people remain apprehensive about incorporating AI into their practice. Much of this is due to common misconceptions about what it does and how AI solutions are implemented. Let’s clear up a few common misconceptions about AI.  

Using AI without a BAA would indeed violate HIPAA if you share PHI. However, CentralReach has an enterprise relationship with OpenAI with a signed BAA. The AI tools we use don’t retain the data we send them, and they don’t use our data for training.  

Roadmap to AI with CentralReach 

Committed to supporting organizations with innovative technologies, CentralReach currently has over 20 GenAI solutions in design, pilot, beta, or production, with many additional solutions to follow.  


Accuracy and completeness of clinical documentation are critical for payor verification. Inaccurate, incomplete, and missing session summaries can lead to denied claims and potential audits. One of the first AI-powered solutions CentralReach has launched is GenAI session summaries. AI-boosted session summaries reduce administrative time for technicians and clinicians and increase the quality and accuracy of notes.

Early results show this tool will save clinicians at least 50% of the time usually spent writing and reviewing session notes. 

Another way CentralReach is supporting ABA organizations with AI is through AI-driven pre-submission claims checks. Utilizing AI for claim checks further bolsters the accuracy and completeness of billing claims, increasing clean claims and compliance with funders.   


AI holds substantial potential for improving organizational efficiencies in ABA. However, this process must be thoughtfully and responsibly rolled out. These technologies take significant time and resources to develop, as care must be taken to ensure accuracy and effectiveness before launching new tools. Additional AI-driven solutions are on the way, including those focused on workforce competency and enhancing the supervision experience for ABA professionals and trainees.  

Unlock the Power of AI in Autism and IDD Care 

Ready to alleviate administrative burdens and enhance clinical outcomes with AI-powered ABA solutions designed specifically for the therapy market? Schedule a demo now to experience the transformative potential of AI in therapy firsthand!

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