Transforming into a Leader of Interdisciplinary Care  

From its inception in 2006, Arizona Autism United (AZA United) has embarked on a mission to serve as many families as possible through individualized care. What started as a small provider of ABA therapy has blossomed into a leader in interdisciplinary care. Determined to gain greater efficiency and insight into organizational trends, AZA United leveraged CentralReach software in 2019. Since incorporating additional CentralReach solutions such as the CR Insights reporting and analytical tool, AZA has witnessed significant growth in both ABA and interdisciplinary care. 

This expansion has enabled them to meet the escalating demand while maintaining a remarkable 0% turnover rate among BCBAs and ensuring the delivery of high-quality care.

Below are growth stats AZA has achieved from 2021 to 2023 

This reflects an organization that is prioritizing not just multiple disciplines being delivered to their clients, but also the needs and outcomes of their clients, as reflected by their significant growth of clients receiving services in-clinic. 


Growth in Speech and Occupational Therapy Clients


Growth in ABA Therapy Service Hours


Growth in Speech and Occupational Therapy Hours


Growth of in-clinic


Growth in clients utilizing Parent Training Services

Overcoming Obstacles to Interdisciplinary Care with Advanced Business Intelligence  

As Arizona Autism United began to grow and recognized the need for new technology, selecting software that would accommodate multiple disciplines was critical in their decision-making process. They knew a single system was necessary for optimal collaboration, efficiency, and consistency. With these ambitious plans to expand beyond ABA by providing speech, occupational therapy, counseling, and other services, they knew there would be challenges ahead.  

Challenges Faced 

  • Poor visibility of schedules and documentation across disciplines 
  • Streamlining billing and payroll across the organization 
  • Ensuring care coordination and collaboration 
  • Lack of insight into operational health and efficiency

How AZA Scaled with Outcome Intelligence 

In the face of these obstacles, AZA turned to CR Insights Advanced Business Intelligence (BI) reporting to unpack actionable insights into key areas across operations, financial profitability and staff performance to help them scale. Let’s explore how the integration of automated business intelligence dashboards and reports empowered AZA to overcome these challenges and revolutionize their approach to interdisciplinary care:

  • Pinpoint clients and providers facing frequent cancellations 
  • Understand the core reasons and session start times contributing to cancellations 

CR Insight’s Advanced Business Intelligence reporting has emerged as a transformative tool for AZA, enabling them to navigate the complexities of interdisciplinary care by harnessing the power of data-driven insights. AZA has not only overcome their challenges but also paved the way for a future of enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and patient care excellence.

Laying the Foundation for Service Expansion with CentralReach  

AZA's expansion has surged since joining forces with CentralReach, with the number of dedicated staff members using the platform skyrocketing by 183% since its implementation. A collaborative infrastructure enabling them to scale responsibly and streamline operations across services was critical to their growth journey. As Dr. Aaron Blocher-Rubin, BCBA and CEO of AZA, shared, “That was a critical item for us when we were doing our EHR search--Will it be able to accommodate multiple disciplines?”


Started with CentralReach

Product Adoption:  

  • Data Collection with CR Clinical  
  • Practice Management with CR Practice Management  


Arizona Autism United’s Confidence in CentralReach

Product Adoption:  

  • Data Collection with CR Clinical  
  • Practice Management with CR Practice Management  
  • Reporting & Analytics with CR Insights  
  • Learning Management System, Training & Skill Development with CR Institute

Investing in quality software and establishing a culture of collaboration has aided in AZA achieving 100% retention in BCBAs! 


Future Growth and Vision for AZA

Arizona Autism United remains committed to elevating client and family outcomes through a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to care. AZA leaders recognize CentralReach’s commitment to leading the industry with innovative and transformative software.

As such, they commit to utilizing CentralReach’s software across all service types, ensuring organizational unity as they continue to expand their service offerings.


This scalable technology has established a foundation for growth, driving AZA’s confidence in continuing to achieve their initial mission of providing individualized care to as many families as possible. 


With the right tech stack in place, Arizona Autism United looks forward to continued service expansion and growth within its current programs.

When referencing the three new services they added within three years, Dr. Aaron Blocher-Rubin said: “The only reason we had any confidence that we’d be able to do that is because we already knew we had the technology platform in place.”

Aaron Blocher-Rubin, PhD, BCBA

President & CEO
Arizona Autism United

With the right tech stack in place, Arizona Autism United looks forward to continued service expansion and growth within its current programs.

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