Powered by the largest proprietary data set in autism and IDD care, CentralReach’s new AI assistant will streamline interactions, save staff time, and provide unparalleled insights to CentralReach users once employed across its market-leading suite of solutions and will be unveiled later this year at CR Unite 2023. 

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - CentralReach, the leading provider of Autism and IDD Care Software, today announced the generative AI solution designed for autism and IDD care: cari™.  The new AI assistant is currently being embedded throughout CentralReach’s suite of solutions and will intelligently pull information from the company’s vast proprietary data set to produce recommendations for review, such as automated session notes, 24/7 clinical test prep support, fast-tracked assessment recommendations, optimized staffing and schedule recommendations and more.  


Unlike applications applying generic large language models (“LLMs”) or startups utilizing subscale or aggregated data models, cari leverages both CentralReach’s proprietary data set, consisting of over 2 billion financial, operational, and clinical data points from organizations of every size, and its dedicated, secure and HIPAA compliant LLM environment to make it what CentralReach believes will be the most powerful and secure AI-assistant for providers serving the autism space. CentralReach’s expansive proprietary data set and dedicated secure LLM environment enable cari to provide contextual results consistent with the nuanced language and information specific to applied behavior analysis (ABA) and autism and IDD care, minimizing spurious generic information and artificial hallucinations that would plague an application using a generic LLM.   


While designed to provide simple and quick wins for its customer base, the solutions that are currently being developed demonstrate the breadth of applications that cari can and will power over the coming months and years. Some initial examples of cari’s advantages will include:

AI-assisted Session Summaries 

With a few quick inputs from the clinician, cari will provide a well-written session summary for clinical staff to review and edit before submitting. The solution will transform a task that currently takes clinicians hours to complete to one that requires only time to review, check and submit, freeing up substantial time for clinicians and greatly reducing the delay between session completion and payment receipt. 


24/7 Clinical Test Prep Support 

cari will also help aspiring registered behavior technicians (RBTs) prepare for the BACB exam. A key pain point for test takers and those that are mentoring and supporting them is the myriad of questions that surface as prospective RBTs work their way through the 40-hour course. By training cari with CR Institute’s market leading test prep tool and directing the AI assistant’s knowledge pool to CentralReach’s nuanced and comprehensive database, prospective RBTs can ask cari questions they would otherwise need to direct to supervisors or be hesitant to ask. One customer commented, "This is great. A large majority of [time] on our end is [spent] answering questions as someone navigates the 40-hour [course]. Everything from simple questions - how do I create my log in - to complex clinical questions. This will cut down [on] the time allocated to answer [questions] significantly.” 


Fast-Track Assessment Recommendations 

When it comes to assessments, especially assessments as comprehensive as the ABLLS- R® and AFLS®, the challenge for a clinician is quickly determining the best place to start.  By providing a few key inputs about the learner, cari will quickly analyze over 2,000 skills covered in the ABLLS-R and AFLS protocols and recommend the optimal starting point and a personalized plan for the learner in minutes for the clinician to review.   


CentralReach’s AI-Based Scheduling Solution, CR ScheduleAI, Will Be Further Enhanced By cari 

While CR ScheduleAI’s AI and machine learning algorithm is already powered by cari to optimize schedules for therapy providers that provide care in both clinic and in-home settings, the company has plans to take the solution’s capabilities to the next level by providing a plain-language chat experience that will allow customers to engage cari’s support on scheduling questions and even changes. 


“The challenge of finding and retaining staff occurs in all medical disciplines but it is particularly acute in ABA,” said CEO of CentralReach, Chris Sullens. “Generative AI holds promise as a tool to help automate time-consuming back office and clinical tasks but will be ineffective if training is done on subscale or generic data sets. I’ve been amazed at cari’s early results across multiple applications and workflows that we have achieved by leveraging our industry-leading proprietary data set, utilizing our staff of BCBA-D thought leaders and subject matter experts to train cari and deploy the assistant in our secure, HIPAA compliant, proprietary LLM environment. The goal is not to replace staff, but rather greatly reduce the time it takes to perform necessary back office and clinical tasks (that in many cases are not reimbursable) and provide decision support on their many day-to-day tasks. This will result in improved clinical outcomes with less effort, faster claims and happier staff. And, the thing I’m most excited about is that we have dozens of additional use cases that we will use cari to address lined up behind the initial use cases we will demonstrate at CR Unite.  I can't wait to formally introduce cari to our customers this fall.” 

cari will be unveiled at CR Unite 2023, the Autism and IDD Care Conference, happening October 16th-19th at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans.

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