CentralReach and Whole Child Consulting today announced that they are partnering to provide online tools for the Inventory of Good Learning Repertoires (IGLR) assessment. The assessment tools will be integrated into the CentralReach software so that clinicians can easily administer and score the IGLR as well as integrate the IGLR into goals and programs for their students and track progress over time.

The Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires, which was developed by Steve Ward, MA, BCBA and Theresa Grimes, MA, BCBA of Whole Child Consulting, is an assessment tool designed to measure the ease with which a student may be taught. The IGLR can be used to identify a student’s preferred learning styles, their dependence upon various supports, the relative efficacy of various supports, their resilience upon encountering challenges, and their potential to learn with fewer supports. The IGLR is designed for use in schools by educators and clinicians who work with students on the autism spectrum or have ADD, ADHD or other developmental disorders. The IGLR assessment outcomes assist educators in determining educational placement, accommodations and modifications, and IEP goals for students.

Charlotte Fudge, CEO of CentralReach shared, “We are excited to be working together with Whole Child Consulting on new online tools for the IGLR that can be used to identify ways to help students succeed. Our recent survey indicated that 94% of clinicians were interested in using online tools for working with assessments for their students, and we are dedicated to delivering innovative tools to achieve that.”

Steve Ward, CEO of Whole Child Consulting, stated, “I have been passionate about instructional efficiency for decades, and I’m excited to share this passion through a partnership with CentralReach. The Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires identifies foundational repertoires that transform students who are hard to teach into students who are easy to teach. Targeted instruction empowers teachers to produce dramatic results with their students.”

The online tools for the IGLR will be available as part of CentralReach’s robust clinical data collection and graphing module which makes it seamless to take in a variety of data from rating scale and time sampling to percent independence and trial or probe data. The integrated goal bank will provide examples of how to translate the IGLR assessment results into objectives. The CentralReach Marketplace will feature the companion books for the IGLR by Whole Child Consulting, Teaching Good Learner Repertoires and Teaching Advanced Learner Repertoires. These companion books provide analysis and guidance in translating objectives into instructional strategies.

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