End-to-end, fully integrated ABA practice management software

Reduce your workload. Enhance your client experience. Optimize operations - from intake to billing, and beyond.


Get clients in the door and ready for payable services

Reduce administrative challenges with end-to-end Applied Behavior Analysis software designed to meet your practice's needs. Streamline workflows, save valuable time, reduce non billable hours, and take your practice to the next level of growth by centralizing intake, scheduling, clinical operations, and ABA billing into one platform - enabling you to serve more clients, maintain quality of care, and get paid faster.

Fully integrated to CentralReach data collection

Centralize your clinical data and documentation to a single client record. No more manual data entry, chasing down paperwork, and using ad hoc systems! With the CentralReach ABA software you can fully integrate administrative work with clinical programming, documentation, electronic data collection, graphing, and more.


Measure performance to drive operational excellence

Gain insights into the most critical areas of your practice. Analyze and measure accounts receivable, revenue cycle management, staff productivity, and more, with our intuitive and powerful reporting solution built within our Applied Behavior Analysis practice management software to enable you to track your performance and improve your bottom line.

CentralReach SSO

Operational Excellence in ABA

Read how operational excellence can be achieved at your ABA practice and why it’s critical in enabling successful scaling and growth.

List Simplify intake and reduce your waitlist

Offer clients a streamlined start from day one by automating and accelerating the intake process. Provide exemplary service to clients and facilitate excellent waitlist management, expediting the start of service for those waiting and reducing non billable hours.

Book appointments confidently

Ensure appointments are correctly scheduled for the right amount of time and services. The CentralReach scheduling solution gives visibility to properly manage client appointments and clinicians schedules, ensuring clients receive the care they need, when they need it, and empowering you to increase productivity.

Maximize payable services

Optimize billing operations and increase claims resolution rates with the CentralReach billing system. Designed to navigate the intricacies of ABA medical billing, we set your practice up to bill correctly from the start. From there: experience an increase in clean claims and collections, and effectively track payments from all sources and services rendered. Managed billing services with CR Billmax makes it even easier.

Easily customizable setup

Set up your own billable and non-billable codes, linked to payor fee schedules with custom service rates.

Easy claims processing and invoicing

Convert appointments to timesheets and billing entries, generate invoices and process claims electronically.

Client payment management

Generate non-insurance invoices for clients and securely process credit card payments.

Rejections and denial management

Don't leave money on the table. Manage and properly re-submit denied claims quickly and easily.

Centralized payment processing and posting

Manage billing entries and track their current statuses, generate claims, create invoices, and post payments.

Effective authorization management

Easy oversight and tracking of authorizations enables audit-readiness and ensures utilization and maximization of authorized hours.

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CR Mobile

Deliver quality ABA services anytime, anywhere. Access appointment and client information, collect ABA data for any goal, and gather required data points like geolocation for EVV compliance.

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