Recognizing Exceptional Impact: CentralReach Autism and IDD Care Awards

Congratulations to this year’s honorees for the outstanding care and impact that they have made on the autism and IDD community.

Honorees are making an impact in all settings
and sectors of Autism and IDD Care.

Allison DaSilva

I cannot share only one example but rather a large overview of how outstanding I think she is at her job. To her it is not just a job that she likes doing, you can see the care and commitment she has for the client and his or her family members.

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer (Jenni) Jones exhibits her lifelong dedication to making the world a more positive place and helping those who come in contact with her on a daily basis. Every time she comes into the clinic, a positive impact is going to be made.

Chris Pinnell

Registered Behavior Technician
He consistently delivers compassion through his approach, his kindness, his actions, his reactions, his words, his presence, his energy, and his efforts that I can visibly see that are felt by his patients and their families.

Meet the 2022 CentralReach Award Honorees

  • Gloria Benitez

    Program Director
    Success on the Spectrum

  • Jessica Birch

    Jessica Birch

    The Social Spectrum Inc.

  • Kimberly Borman

    Kimberly Borman

    Southern Louisiana Behavior Consultants, LLC

  • Trisha Braecklein

    Trisha Braecklein

    Clinical Supervisor
    Mariposa Autism Service Center

  • Korina Callahan

    Korina Callahan

    M.Ed, BCBA, LBA
    Kaibab Behavioral Services

  • Willie Carter

    Willie Carter

    ABC of NC Child
    Development Center

  • Mayra Castillo

    Mayra Castillo

    BCBA Clinical Supervisor
    Autism Learning Partners

  • Chelsea Chairion

    Chelsea Chairion

    Project SEARCH Instructor & Program Manager
    Farmington Municipal Schools

  • Emily Chesbrough

    Emily Chesbrough

    Strategies Inc ABA

  • Amanda Cioffi

    Amanda Cioffi

    Registered Behavioral Therapist
    Behavior Solutions Consulting

  • Sharlyn Crump

    Dr. Sharlyn Crump, BCBA, IBA

    Associate Professor, MSABA Academic Program Director, ABAI/VCS Coordinator
    National University

  • Allison DaSilva

    Allison DaSilva


  • Maria Delgado

    Maria I Delgado

    Lead RBT
    Westside Childrens Therapy

  • Justin Dickey

    Justin Dickey

    Florida Autism Center

  • Ariel Duke

    Solving Autism LLC

  • Claire Ellis

    Claire Ellis

    National Director of Clinical Training & Development
    Acorn Health

  • Paige Funderburk

    Paige Funderburk

    Occupational Therapist, Developmental Therapy Supervisor

  • Amber Furby

    Amber Furby

    Grace Autism Services

  • Ellen Gburek

    Ellen Gburek

    Westside Children’s Therapy

  • Bryant Gillman

    Bryant Gillman

    Proud Moments ABA

  • Jacqueline Godwin

    Jacqueline Godwin

    Founder/Chief Operating Officer
    Beyond Autism Services

  • Amber Goforth

    Amber Goforth

    Clinical Director Texas City SOS
    Success On The Spectrum

  • Cydney Goldman

    Cydney Goldman

    Administrative Director
    Proud Moments ABA

  • Joshua Hamann

    Joshua Hamann

    Discovery Behavior Solutions

  • Kim Herrlitz

    Kim Herrlitz

    Employment Services Team Lead
    March of Dimes Canada

  • Jennifer Holman

    Action Behavior Centers

  • Yuko Hume

    Patterns Behavioral Services

  • Jennifer Johnson

    Jennifer Johnson

    Director of Data Integration
    The Stepping Stones Autism Services Group

  • Jenni Jones

    Jennifer Jones

    Blue Sprig Edmond, Oklahoma

  • Frank Knez

    K1ds Count Therapy

  • Maria Koppinger

    Maria Koppinger

    Clinical Manager
    Patterns Behavioral Services

  • Alexis Lawson

    Alexis Lawson

    Growing Together Behavioral Center

  • Kara Lee

    Director of Clinical Operations
    Center for Learning and Autism Support Services

  • Ashley Lengyel

    Ashley Lengyel

    Clinical Director
    Caliber Autism Care

  • Jay Levin

    Jay Levin

    Step Ahead ABA

  • Gosia Lindfeldt

    Gosia Lindfeldt

    Director of Business Operations and Revenue Cycle
    Beyond Autism Services

  • Ruth Lonigro

    Ruth Lonigro

    Project Manager
    Caravel Autism Health

  • Eric Lovaas

    Eric Lovaas

    The Lovaas Center

  • Goldean Lowe

    ABA Classroom

  • Ryan Lueck

    Ryan Lueck

    Westside Children's Therapy

  • Sabrine Maali

    Sabrine Maali

    Director Clinical Systems & Quality Insurance
    Proud Moments

  • Brian Marrier

    Brian Marrier

    Autism, Advocacy and Intervention

  • Jacqueline Marris

    Jacqueline Marris

    BCBA Intern

  • Sarah Mason

    Cross River Therapy

  • Brooke Mazak

    Brooke Mazak

    Administrative Assistant
    Balance Autism - Quad Cities

  • Michelle McGuire

    Dr. Michelle McGuire

    Clinical Psychologist
    Creative Behavioral Connections

  • Amber Messick

    Amber Messick

    Learning Together LLC

  • Cassie Mohr

    Cassie Mohr

    Senior Clinical Director
    JumpStart Autism Center

  • Ashley Moreno

    Ashley Moreno

    Behavioral Innovations

  • Jeannette Mujica

    Senior Operations Manager
    The Stepping Stones Group

  • Rick Murray

    President/CEO and Founder
    Achieving True Self, Inc.

  • Savannah New

    Attain ABA

  • Kathleen Nicholson-Schahl

    Occupational Therapist
    Therapy Relief at Hope

  • Andrew Nuzzolilli

    Butterfly Effects, LLC

  • Jacob Papazian

    Jacob Papazian

    Director of Clinical Research and Development
    Chitter Chatter PC

  • Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza

    Juan Carlos
    Pineiro Escoriaza

    Product Leader
    Intercare Therapy

  • Chris Pinnell

    Chris Pinnell

    Mariposa Autism Service Center

  • Jessica Pipitone

    Jessica Pipitone

    Centers for Social Dynamics

  • Carissa Prevenas

    Clinic Supervisor
    Balance Autism

  • Dylan Price

    Dylan Price


  • Kiel Rager

    Kiel Rager

    Founder & CEO
    InBloom Autism Services

  • Laurinda Ralph

    Laurinda Ralph

    Behavior Analyst
    Autism Allies

  • Shelby Reynolds

    Shelby Reynolds


  • Bianca Rodriguez

    Bianca Rodriguez

    Behavioral Family Solutions

  • Megan Rueb

    Megan Rueb

    Westside Children’s Therapy

  • Will Sanford

    Will Sanford

    Sanford Creative & Consulting Consultant for The Arc of Fresno

  • Angela Saturno

    Angela Saturno

    Senior Analysis, ABA Service (Director of the Program)
    Kelberman Center

  • Emily Schurman

    Emily Schurman

    Therapy Director & BCBA
    Howard Park Center/AFA Academy

  • Lily Shih

    Shih Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Tanner Sierks

    Tanner Sierks

    Founder and CEO
    Willow ABA Services

  • Faye Victoria Simpson

    Endicott College

  • Brianna Sims (Bosch)

    Brianna Sims (Bosch)

    BCBA/Clinical Manager
    BASS ABA Therapy

  • Juan Soria

    Mariposa Autism Service Center

  • Mattie Spears

    Mattie Spears

    Clinical Director
    North Shore Pediatric Therapy

  • Lisa Steward

    Lisa Steward

    Clinical Director
    Indiana Behavior Analysis Academy

  • Suzanne Threet

    Suzanne Threet

    Acorn Health

  • Stefanie Tych

    Stefanie Tych

    Assistant Supervisor of Special Services
    Bayonne Board of Education

  • Magdalen Vawter

    Magdalen Vawter

    Autism Learning Partners

  • Kristi Vigil

    Director of Human Resources
    Alpine Autism Center

  • Katelyn Villar

    Katelyn Villar

    Clinical Director
    Lighthouse Autism Center

  • Brenna Wagner

    Brenna Wagner

    Behavior Supports and Solution

  • hs-lacey-weber

    Lacey Weber

    Executive Clinical Director
    North Shore Health Services

  • Michelle Wells

    Early Autism Services

  • Autumn Wilson

    RBT Supervisor
    Advanced Autism Services LLC

  • Adriana Woerishofer

    Adriana Woerishofer

    Scheduling Specialist
    Caravel Autism Health

  • Steve Woolf

    Steve Woolf

    Butterfly Effects, LLC

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The CentralReach Autism and IDD Care Awards program recognizes the important contributions of care and support professionals and educators who embrace technology to help those they serve achieve better outcomes and live more independent lives. It is the first awards program recognizing the exceptional impact of dedicated professionals within the autism and IDD care space.

Nominations for the CentralReach Autism and IDD Care Awards are now closed for 2022. Continue to refer back to this page for future updates on 2023 nominations.