Fort Lauderdale, Fla. - CentralReach, the leading provider of autism and IDD care software, announced today that the company has received its fourth consecutive year of attestation that it complies with European, U.K. and Swiss data protection and privacy laws through verification of compliance with the new EU-U.S., U.K. Extension, and Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Frameworks adopted by the U.S. Department of Commerce, which , renews its compliance formerly under the Privacy Shield program of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This continued compliance underscores CentralReach’s commitment to security and privacy in the information and communications technology sector amidst the growing frequency and complexity of cyberattacks across various industries, including healthcare.


“Our Data Privacy Framework attestation is a testament to CentralReach's commitment to adopting the most rigorous measures in an effort to ensure customer information is protected,” said CentralReach SVP, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, Perry Pappas. “With the increasing occurrence of security breaches, we will continue to prioritize and invest in security measures both for our products and within our organization.”


Corporate entities that display the TRUSTe Privacy Verified seal have demonstrated that their privacy programs, policies, and practices meet the established requirements of the Data Privacy Framework program and have self-certified their participation i with the U.S. Department of Commerce at TRUSTe continuously monitors compliance through annual re-attestation and provides independent dispute resolution services to address privacy-related concerns, answer questions involving customer data from users, and provide ongoing access to privacy consulting and resources for CentralReach.

Security and data privacy are imperative to
CentralReach’s business and product strategy.

To learn more, visit Security at CentralReach.

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