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CR Care Coordinator & ABA Parent Training

CR Care Coordinator is patented technology designed for ABA service providers and organizations who want to improve engagement, outcomes, and increase utilization of the parent training services.

Accelerate learner progress

CR Care Coordinator provides on-the-go, self-paced, multimedia ABA parent training to unlock the full potential of clinician-led, parent-reinforced care.

By tapping into CR Care Coordinator’s off-the-shelf curriculum, you can quickly get parent training up and running, enabling you to start scheduling your authorized parent training hours, meeting directly with families and then giving them access to CR Care Coordinator software to use in between sessions.

By arming parents and caregivers with the tools they need to continue care, parents and caregivers become empowered, engaged, and effective in reinforcing care and helping their children achieve better outcomes outside of the traditional clinical setting – leading to happier families and improved client satisfaction.

Continue care in multiple settings with different caregivers to promote sustained, optimal outcomes.

When service hours are reduced due to schedule changes or staff shortages, parents and caregivers can supplement with the CR Care Coordinator.

This curriculum teaches parents ABA basics and parenting strategies through the values of their unique family while equipping parents with the tools to advocate for their child. With a curriculum tailored to meet the needs of all ages and skillsets, you can support families through all stages of their child’s life.

Customize CR’s parent training content and create new practice-specific training to fit your agency, each family’s needs, and each environment. Then, share with all staff to ensure all families have access to scalable care.

Track how much time the parent spends accessing the training and analyze the data the parent is collecting on their child’s skill acquisition progress - all to better inform the care plans and achieve greater outcomes for your clients. Provide payors with comprehensive data to stand out and grow your practice.

Unlock the full potential of
parent training

CR Care Coordinator provides on-the-go, self-paced, multimedia ABA parent training to unlock the full potential of clinician-led, parent-reinforced care.

On average, providers are delivering less than 30% of the actual hours authorized for parent training

CR Care Coordinator can engage families before, during, and after direct care. Improve waitlist care (if payor approved), reinforce direct services, and provide tips for care continuum – leading to more independence for your learners in all settings and at all ages.

Nearly 55% of families who are eligible and could benefit from parent training neither enroll nor attend sessions.

Research suggests engaging with families early on with something convenient and valuable may help change those percentages for the better.

(Chacko et al., 2016)

Rooted in a family-centered approach to intervention

ABA care coordinator

ABA Basics

Parents want to gain the skills and knowledge of the practitioners who teach their children new things! These lessons equip parents with ABA principles and strategies to be effective and efficient teachers and shapers of behavior.

aba parent training


Being a parent, especially a parent to a child with autism or IDD, requires advocating for respecting your child as a human, ensuring they get their needs met by different professionals and agencies, etc. These lesson arm parents with valuable information so, when needed, they can advocate for their child.

aba parent training 101

Parenting 101

When so much emphasis is given to be the child’s teacher and advocate, sometimes the comforter, safe-place, or even boundary-enforcer take a backseat. These lessons help remind the parents that they are just as important.

aba practices and values

Values & Acceptance

It is not the place of the clinician, a teacher, or a doctor to tell the parent what their values should be and how they should see the world. It is their place to learn what the parents/family’s values are and integrate that into their care. These lessons help the family identify their values and actively integrate them into their life.

Stay in the know

Insights, knowledge, and best practices


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Our Customers

"I’m SO impressed with these videos! I’m a parent of special needs children, Deaf, IDD, autism – all the things and a practitioner. I don’t want to have our parents' watching videos until I’ve seen them, so I’m digging in and watching them all and they’re so good! I’m so happy!


We are actively using CR Care Coordinator to help remind parents of a lot of things they already know, but also to teach them all the new things they can learn to better their relationship with their children. Our goal is to partner with families to help each child, teen and young adult whom we work with to become the greatest version of themselves!"


Melissa, Growing Together Behavioral Center

Frequently asked questions

CR Care Coordinator comes with 1 client seat, 2 parent/caregiver seats, and full access to the CR Elements Parent Training Curriculum.

CR Care Coordinator is compatible with most apple, android, mac, and windows devices. Click here to see a list of our compatible devices.

CR Care Coordinator is HIPAA compliant and offers permission-based roles to organize access based on need.

Yes! The beauty of CR Care Coordinator is that you can edit all content and add your own. As such, the CR Elements Parent Training curriculum can be edited to individualize it for the family or your organization. You can also use the CR Elements Parent Training templates to guide the creation of your own curriculum. Finally, you can create your own content in the platform to use with your families, unrelated to CR Elements.

Engage parents and reinforce care

CentralReach Care Coordinator, powered by avail, enables ABA practices to provide video-based, self-paced parent training on the go designed to unlock the full potential of clinician-led, parent reinforced care.