Strategic acquisition offers ABA providers a completely integrated experience and view of client progress from assessment to outcomes analysis, providing a path towards unmasking clinical trends that will fuel the future of quality care 


Fort Lauderdale, FL | July 15th, 2021- CentralReach, the leading provider of electronic medical record (EMR) software and services for applied behavior analysis (ABA) and related behavioral health providers, today announced the acquisition of Behavior Analysts, Inc. and its affiliate Behavior Data Systems, Inc., which own the leading, global ABA assessment solutions, ABLLS-R and WebABLLS®.


As part of the acquisition, Behavior Analysts, Inc. founder and ABLLS-R creator, James W. Partington, Ph.D., BCBA-D, will join the CentralReach team to support the business post-acquisition, join CentralReach’s ABA thought leadership team, and lead new product development efforts in the area of autism assessments. 


With its most recent acquisition, CentralReach is the only software provider in the space to offer a fully integrated solution for every aspect of the clinical workflow by tightly coupling the ABLLS-R assessment data with its powerful “off the shelf” curriculum solution, CR Elements, in a way that traditional 3rd party integrations cannot match. The assessment and clinical programming offering will integrate with CentralReach’s data collection solutions, and enable a richer set of outcomes insights through its advanced analytics and data warehouse offering. Additionally, the acquisition provides a path towards an eventual integration of assessment data with session data to help providers uncover trends on successful service delivery that could lead to faster and improved outcomes for all clients. CentralReach will continue to support and expand access to the other leading ABA assessment offerings and will continue to offer the ABLLS-R assessment through the current website and printed materials to non-CentralReach users.


ABLLS-R, which stands for the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills, is a skills-based system of assessment, curriculum, and tracking system that addresses skills in the areas of language, social interaction, self-help, academic, and motor skills of an individual with autism and other developmental delays. It is used as a tool to help develop customized curricula to teach language and other critical skills to children with autism or other developmental disabilities. 


“This is an exciting step for both CentralReach and ABLLS-R as well as the broader ABA industry,” said CentralReach CEO, Chris Sullens. “By folding the ABLLS-R assessment directly into our platform, providers will be able to manage their entire clinical operations with CentralReach. At a basic level, providers can save time and resources managing it all digitally but the ultimate benefit will be enabling providers to connect the dots at a much more granular level and seamless manner than is possible today between the assessment results, the curricula used, and the outcomes achieved.” 


“The combination of the underlying ABLLS-R assessment data with the curricula used and session data collected will enable CentralReach users to be uniquely prepared for any data demands the industry may have as it moves towards a value-based care model in the future,” added Sullens. “When you think about the key to demonstrating value-based care, there are three questions you need to answer: what was the child’s assessment result, what programming and curricula did you use based on that assessment result, and how effective was that care based on the data collected throughout the course of the client’s sessions. With CentralReach, customers will now be able to answer all those questions more easily and more effectively thanks to the tightly integrated workflow.”


With the acquisition of the leading global ABA assessment solution, CentralReach will also have access to and integrate over 20 years worth of historical, validated assessment data that could provide previously unavailable insights into how service delivery has evolved and how we expect it to evolve in the future.


“Data-driven solutions are key to developing effective strategies that lead to successful intervention outcomes for individuals with autism and related disorders,” said Dr. Partington. “By incorporating the ABLLS-R assessment, tracking system and corresponding methodology, along with decades-long clinical data collected by ABLLS-R onto the CentralReach platform, we will give providers tools to help provide successful services that could result in faster and improved outcomes for clients. This is a significant step forward for the ABA industry as a whole and for all the behavioral health providers who strive for superior outcomes for their clients.”


This marks the seventh acquisition that CentralReach has made in the past two years and the fifth acquisition to support its investment in it’s clinical suite including the acquisition of Precise Xceleration to provide powerful prebuilt, evidence-based curricula and Avail Support to provide assistive technology with the capability to accelerate the care plan by digitally supporting and reinforcing an individual’s clinical care plan outside of the in-person sessions.


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