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File, Track and Manage Medicaid Claims with CR Essentials

Like any good practice management and data collection platform, CR Essentials acts as a central digital record of your clients’ information and therapy history. Where CR Essentials differs from most…

studying for BCBA exam

BCBA Exam Prep: Study Tips

Preparing for professional examinations in behavior analysis can be overwhelming. At CentralReach, we were curious about our internal staff members’ experiences. With so many different strategies, we thought who would…

aba authorization management

ABA Authorization Management: 6 Challenges Organizations Face

Medical authorizations for ABA therapy can bring about many challenges for an organization. Ineffective authorization management can result in decreased revenue, in addition to potentially negative outcomes for the clients….

teacher with student in classroom doing assessment

Spring Forward with your Special Education Software

Spring has arrived! For educators, this means more than warmer temperatures and blooming flowers. This is the time of year that educators administer many standardized and alternative assessments. Now is…

teacher using special education software

Funding Strategies for Special Education Software

Public schools around the nation are often working with limited budgets. Finding the funds to purchase highly beneficial special education software can be challenging. However, additional funding is available –…

Leveraging Machine Learning and Data Analysis for Better Outcomes

The FSI Hackathon for Autism has attracted developers, designers, and other people from the financial services industry to to address real world issues that affect people with autism and their families. Professionals from businesses such…

BCBAs working together at center with patients

Creating a Positive Onboarding and Training Experience to Retain Staff

In an industry with growing demand, yet high turnover, staff retention is a key topic of conversation within organizations. As ABA providers strive to attract and retain top talent, it…

BCBA supervisor talking to each other

BACB 8-Hour Supervision Training

The field of applied behavior analysis (ABA) has rapidly grown over the last several years, with thousands of new Registered Behavior Technicians® (RBTs®) and Board Certified Behavior Analysts® (BCBAs®) certified…

teacher adding student data in her laptop

Special Education Compliance: What you need to know

This guide will review vital components of special education compliance, including: Special education laws IEPs Choosing software that supports compliance Compliance- it’s not everyone’s favorite topic, but achieving and maintaining…

laptop with centralreach insights dashboard

These 5 reporting mistakes may be harming your ABA practice

In order for an ABA organization to grow, it must have clear insight into critical reports, trends, and patterns. According to a recent study, organizations that implement a unified data…