Security Policy

This security notice describes how CentralReach protects personal and protected health information in connection with the use of the CentralReach Software Services.

Software Service Security Measures

CentralReach takes security very seriously, employing a number of measures in place to help protect sensitive data housed within the system. These measures include a sign-in protected by SSL security. Your browser will usually display an indicator (such as a "lock" icon) when using a secure SSL connection. All CentralReach software applications communicate with a server hosted entirely by CentralReach. All communications are secured with public-key encryption.

Unique User Identification

CentralReach requires all users to have a unique set of credentials - email, username and password. Access to CentralReach is password protected. Passwords should be strong containing at least eight or more characters and complexity such as the use of numbers, punctuation, or symbols. Users should change their username and password on a regular basis. We recommend that passwords NEVER be divulged. CentralReach will never ask for your password in an unsolicited phone call or unsolicited email.

Role-Based Access Control

CentralReach utilized role based access (or role based security) for access control. A role is defined by each customer, and is assigned a set of permissions. For more information on Roles and Permissions, please visit our Help Section.

Software Application Locking

In accordance with HIPAA policies, CentralReach's web-based software applications will automatically lock up if left unattended for a period of 60 minutes. Correct credentials of the user will need to be provided prior to using the application again.


CentralReach may revise and update this policy at any time for any reason. Users will be made aware of any important changes either through an email notification, message through CentralReach, or by placing a notice on the CentralReach site.

To report a security breach, please call 1-800-939-5414.

Last Updated February 1st, 2017