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CR Mobile: Premium

Give your team the power of an end-to-end RBT mobile workflow. Premium features include not only ABA data collection, but also appointments, signatures, and session notes! These resources are designed for organizations subscribed to CentralReach Practice Management, Clinical, and CR Mobile solutions.

Admin Setup Resources:

Read this first! Prerequisite CR Mobile setup steps for an administrator user to complete prior to granting access to premium app users.

App User Resources:

Finished with administrative setup? Share these resources with app users to quickly get them started using CR Mobile.

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CR Mobile Premium

CR Mobile: No Permission

Take your ABA data collection into the palm of your hand. Users who are not given CR Mobile permission may still use the app for ABA data collection (sessions) sorted by learner. The resources below explain the experience for organizations with only a CR Clinical Subscription (no practice management) and for users who do not have CR Mobile permission.

Admin Resources:

Want to know the workflow? Read these quick resources before asking your team to download the app.

App User Resources:

No setup or special permissions required! These resources help clinical-only users get oriented to the CR Mobile clinical-only features.

CR Mobile Course: Clinical-only (register/login for free to get started)

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CR Mobile Clinical Only

Add the CR Mobile permission to your users for maximum value.

Which one do I have? Compare below or learn more about our premium or clinical only experiences.


CR Mobile

Lite experience for Technicians without CR Mobile Permission

Premium experience for Technicians WITH CR Mobile Permission

Offline mode

Data Collection with 9 acquisition data types

Session graphs, instructional notes and comments

ABC Data Collection

Sessions organized by learner

Appointment conversion

Client Address Map View

Mobile Session Notes

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

CR Mobile Support

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