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Meet the BCBAs and BCBA-Ds That Power CentralReach


Dr. Rick Kubina
Director of Research, BCBA-D


Amy Evans
‘Celeration Ninja’, BCBA


Lauren Corbett
Clin. Implementation Coordinator, BCBA


Alison Walker
Implementation Coordinator, BCBA


Greg Paquette
Sr. Clinical Strategist, BCBA


Dr. Shannon Hill
Senior Learning Designer, BCBA-D

Precision Teaching from the Pros

Rack up BACB Type 2 CEUS and Precision Teaching know-how in one go. Extend your staff’s repertoire with frequency building, visual analysis, Standard Celeration Charting, and more. Includes webinars, playbooks, and full-length courses from leaders in the field.

Unparalleled Supervision

Get more than the minimum BACB supervision requirements. Master the task list and get matched with a highly-vetted BCBA or BCBA-D offering remote supervision. Our trainees have incredible pass rates, with over 80% passing the exam on their first try.

Additionally, gain access to SAFMEDS and Chartlytics software to learn behavioral information for yourself, and to utilize with your clients. These Precision Teaching tools help increase retention and generalization for years to come.

40-Hour RBT Course Subscription

Never waste money on RBT turnover costs. Within CentralReach, you can easily track users' progress through the course, and reassign the course from one user to another, upon employee completion. The subscription meets the training requirement for the RBT credential, and also includes HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens, and 5 more supplemental courses.

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