ABA analytics to power your success.

Uncover trends and hidden opportunities to improve quality of care and your bottom line, faster.
Empower your team to make real-time decisions with actionable analytics.

CR Insights™ reporting and analytics solution provides real-time visibility into your practice performance, directly in your ABA software system, empowering you to make data-driven decisions to drive operational, financial, and clinical results. Make decisions confidently, focusing your resources and efforts on the right areas – ones that will achieve operational excellence, improve profitability, and deliver superior outcomes.

Excellent operations require excellent reporting.

To improve your operations, it’s critical to measure and track your performance. Our Applied Behavior Analysis Practice Management software includes out-of-the-box reports that provide full insight into the most critical areas of a practice: analyze and measure accounts receivable, ABA medical billing, staff productivity, and more — to turn around your business and succeed.

Accelerate your success with Business Intelligence Dashboards.

CR Insights’ suite of advanced dashboard metrics provides greater visibility into core performance areas all directly within the CentralReach platform. Transform your practice and deliver efficiencies at every level.

Advanced Analytics. Complete Visibility. Data-driven Decisions.


Improve your financial health with visibility into the revenue cycle metrics that impact cash flow and profitability.


Boost growth and make powerful projections by tracking authorizations, cancellations, capacity, demographics, and more.


Increase productivity, identify performance baselines, and focus on the right tasks to achieve business goals.


Enhance clinical decision-making by measuring clinician caseload and monitoring client goals.

Get access to your raw data with enterprise Data Warehouse.

CR Insights™ Data Warehouse is great for large enterprise organizations who need access to a secure central repository of real-time raw data to build reports using third-party analytics tools, outside of the CentralReach software. Best-in-class data models and rich datasets make it easy for business analytics professionals to extract, interpret, and build custom reports to meet key business requirements and objectives.