CR Insights™

Advanced Reporting. Data-Driven Results.
Analyze Your Business to Optimize Performance and Improve the Bottom Line

Turnkey dashboards give you an at-a-glance understanding of key insights to make data-driven decisions and drive operational, financial, and clinical results. CR Insights provides you the reports you need to analyze your business, track trends, and clearly identify areas of opportunity.

Business Intelligence

Improving your performance has never been this easy.
One centralized location to easily view, measure, track and optimize business processes and KPIs.


Monitor and ensure payment timelines are meeting your standards. Clearly measure clean claim rates by payor, track aging categories over time, view receivables statuses, and follow up on collection issues.


Benchmark appointment trends by payor, client, and location to optimize scheduling processes. Effectively track canceled appointments to ensure clients are not falling behind and maximize revenue.


Improve clinical staff satisfaction, tracking availability versus worked hours. Quickly view clinical performance as it relates to timesheet conversion rates, billable hours, and other related trends.

Productivity Report

Measure employees’ profitability and quickly identify key areas for opportunity. Our Productivity Report clearly displays billable and non-billable hours worked by employee, along with payroll and billing information details.

Supervision Report

Continuously meet funding sources and accreditation supervision requirements. The Supervision Report provides full visibility over worked, scheduled, and pending supervision hours by employee, to effectively monitor and confirm required hours are fulfilled.

Have confidence in your ABA software solutions

Buying an ABA software is an important decision that will have a direct impact on the future success of of your therapy practice. There are many things to be taken into consideration before choosing the right software solutions for your business, but how can you ensure you are covering all the bases?

In this guide, you’ll find helpful information, expert tips, and easy to understand checklists to get you prepared to complete a comprehensive software evaluation process. Learn the ins and outs of how to buy ABA software and what to consider when looking for solutions based on your organization’s needs to ultimately improve client outcomes and your bottom line.