Precision Teaching: Accurate Time-Based Measurement with Chartlytics

Collect Clinical Data That Drives Confident Decision-making

Never has it been easier to see the impact of your interventions.

By recording frequency (rate) on a digital Standard Celeration Chart, you get data analysis in an instant. As you drop data points, the chart instantly shows if and when your client will meet the aim—and empowers you to make changes to help more clients achieve more quickly.

Learning How to Learn

By implementing precision teaching into your ABA programing, you will quickly navigate individual student learning, for accelerated outcomes.

Submit Quantified Reports for Billing and Insurance

Not only can you project exactly when a client will hit the targeted goal, but you can quantify exactly how quickly the change was made. Show growth at x2 acceleration, or reduction at /1.7. Include “days to aim” and the standard chart to show off your superpowered clinical changes.


Receive Unparalleled Service in Implementation

Choose a team that’s committed to your success — and the potential of everyone you serve.

Our renowned BCBAs, aka Celeration Ninjas, will work with you to make confident decisions in any field, so every client can be self-confident in their skills.