Top-Quality ABA Treatment Requires Unparalleled Clinical Solutions

Deliver clinical excellence at every point of care with digital solutions

Make frequent, evidence-based decisions to advance client care.

Empower your staff to effectively communicate client progress and provide timely, individualized services with program books and data collection software for ABA practices. Flexible solutions enable clinicians to construct ABA programming, modify client targets and behaviors for their treatment plan, and collect data across any developmental domain.

Keep clinicians and technicians aligned for more rapid client progress, with data sheets and client books that automatically sync and update

Complete quality ABA data collection anytime, anywhere. The all-new CR Mobile app enables ABA clinicians to access appointments, meet EVV compliance, and use ABA data sheets offline.

Support treatment gains in the home environment and meet insurance demands by offering digitally-tracked parent ABA data collection. We make collecting and graphing ABA data easy for caregivers.

Save time and reduce manual work for your BCBAs with ABA data software that enables ABA data graphing automatically and instantly — including ABC graphs, scatterplots, line graphs, pie charts, bar charts, and a standard celeration charting solution


Win time back from clinical documentation, and spend it on your clients

Whether completing assessments, progress reports, session notes, or other payor-required documentation of services, it’s critical to keep your notes accurate and up-to-date. CentralReach pulls the ABA graphs, data, client information, and payor information right from your account and places it into your documentation for you.

Deliver fully-billable services that help clients reach their potential

Kick off billing right after completing your appointment. End-to-end integrations with CR’s ABA practice management software ensures that you’re tracking the number of authorized hours delivered, and billing out for time spent providing quality ABA services to your clients. Plus, CentralReach tools can help you meet payor-specific requirements for documentation for services.


Coordinate services across clinical specialities

Our ABA data collection software keeps all your clinical data and documents tied to a single client record. CentralReach offers tools for Speech and Occupational Therapy providers to create SOAP notes and client goals within the platform, so SLPs and OTs can document progress right alongside ABA professionals.

Built for clinicians by clinicians, with 30+ BCBAs on staff

Your practice can rest assured that you will be supported by people who understand where you’re coming from. Our clinicians are engaged in every area of CentralReach, from product development, to sales, customer success, and beyond.

CentralReach is committed to clinician-friendly solutions that help your ABA practice thrive, and our team of BCBAs, SLPs, and OTs is here to help!