Every student’s special education journey encompasses many transitions. Navigating transitions, from the initial IEP evaluation all the way to postsecondary transitional service planning, is complex. Ensuring everyone, from educators and therapists to support staff and families, is on the same page is crucial for the student’s success. Establishing a unified language and leveraging technology to support special education transition plans is key. CentralReach is transforming the special education landscape through tailored software that streamlines workflows and supports transitions at every stage. 

Digital Tools & Special Education Software to Streamline Assessments 

From a child’s first IEP evaluation, educators set the stage for future success along their educational journey. The first step involves a comprehensive assessment of the child’s skills and current functioning level. Assess beyond academic skills to allow for a more holistic educational experience.

To ensure a well-rounded transition into special education, assess your student’s abilities across :

  • Communication skills 
  • Social skills 
  • Emotional regulation and adaptive behaviors 
  • Functioning living skills

CR Assessments allow educators to better understand their students’ skills across a wide range of domains to inform their goals and interventions. Automatic scoring and robust reporting facilitate a streamlined workflow from assessment to goal creation and instruction. Ultimately, this means educators spend more time doing what matters most–teaching.

Data-driven Goals and Progress Monitoring 

As a critical component of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), educators must create measurable goals for each student’s IEP. CR LiftEd saves educators precious time by simplifying the data collection and analysis of student goals. Educators can track and easily monitor student goals and behaviors that interfere with students’ learning within a single system. LiftEd’s data-driven workflow also improves student outcomes throughout every transition of their educational journey. When students transition between classes each day or to a new grade at the end of a school year, educators can feel peace of mind knowing they have a digital record of the student’s progress and current areas of need to make the transition as seamless as possible.  

Increase Independence for Post-secondary Success 

One of the most significant transitions in a child’s life is the shift from high school to postsecondary life. IDEA requires special education students to receive transitional services in their IEP starting by age 16. Special education transition plans must focus on teaching the skills necessary for employment, post-secondary education, independent living, and community participation.  


Each student’s plan for life after high school will vary depending on their abilities and aspirations. Regardless of their goals, educators can support students and families in this endeavor with avail by CR. This assistive technology replaces 1:1 prompting by enhancing independence and autonomy with digital task analytic support.  

Educators can teach a wide range of transitional goals with the help of avail, including: 

  • Interviewing skills 
  • Making meals and snacks 
  • Dressing and Hygiene 
  • Safety skills 
  • Establishing and maintaining friendships   
  • Cleaning 
  • Meal planning and grocery shopping 
  • Specific workplace duties

Enhance Special Education Transitions

Explore our Special Education Guide: Unified Language and Student Transitions to learn more about unlocking your students’ highest potential throughout every transition by creating unified language and cohesive special education transition plans.

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