Finding the right partners to promote quality and efficiency in special education is essential. In today’s digital world, this means discovering the tools and technology that promote student success and streamlined instructional practices for educators and admin.


Like many, Old Bridge Township School District found success partnering with CentralReach. Christine Dougherty, Supervisor of Secondary Special Education at Old Bridge Township School District, shared her journey of adopting CentralReach and its transformative impact on their special education program.

Christine Dougherty

Supervisor of Secondary Special Education
Old Bridge Township School District

Challenges of Special Education Data Collection

Old Bridge Township faced many challenges with its previous data collection software. Christine reflected on the case management software they previously used, sharing,

"I found the program very cumbersome. It caused more work for the teachers than the information we were getting from it." 

Determined to streamline their processes, Christine transitioned the district to traditional paper and pencil data collection. She quickly realized its limitations in tracking student progress longitudinally and sought a better solution for digital assessments and IEP management.  

teacher using case management software

Transitioning to CentralReach Case Management Software

Selecting a user-friendly platform was of high importance for Christine. She wanted to avoid adding more work to her teachers’ heavy workloads.

"Trying to find what would be most user-friendly for the staff in those classrooms was crucial," she explained.

Christine recognized that CentralReach offered the ability to significantly improve data collection practices, allowing her teachers to elevate learning outcomes without burning out. As such, Christine initiated her district’s transition to CentralReach. The implementation process required thoughtful planning to ensure adoption aligned with current practices and would drive outcomes. "I wanted to make sure it didn't feel like an additional burden," Christine emphasized. The CR team worked with Christine on gradually integrating features that met the needs of the district’s special education department.  

Frontline Integration 

As Old Bridge Township transitioned to CentralReach, they quickly experienced the benefits of integration and streamlined special education data collection practices. Christine highlighted CR's alignment with their existing systems as a key benefit in their journey. Specifically, the synchronization with their IEP management software, Frontline Education, has enhanced their connection to student goal and objectives. This seamless integration streamlined their processes, ensuring that student programs were based on IEP goals and that progress was accurately tracked and can be efficiently reviewed by school teams.

teachers discussing iep management

Support and Collaboration 

Throughout the journey, Christine expressed appreciation for the support and responsiveness of the CR team.

"Having that availability and knowing who our go-to people are and their level of responsiveness is what's going to continue to help keep that partnership going because things will continue to evolve," she said.  


Reflecting on their decision to choose CentralReach, Christine emphasized the importance of cost-effectiveness for her district. She explained, "The price of CentralReach was commensurate with some of the other programs, but the features that they offered were superior to some of the other programs. This balance between affordability and functionality is vital in a school district where resources must be carefully considered.” 

special education data improves client communication

Continuous Evolution Toward Excellence 

In conclusion, Christine highlighted CentralReach's continuous evolution and commitment to meeting the unique needs of their district. While there is no perfect solution, being able to evolve based on feedback is crucial. Since CentralReach’s inception, continuous growth through customer feedback has been a central focus. Christine's journey exemplifies how CentralReach case management software has revolutionized special education data collection at Old Bridge Township School District, empowering teachers, streamlining processes, and ultimately improving student outcomes 

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