A common challenge Special Education teachers, support professionals, and therapy service providers in schools face is  disparate systems for daily data collection in classrooms , and compliance progress reporting for federal IEP requirements. Managing multiple disintegrated data collection and IEP management systems, or worse – collecting data collected on paper and in spreadsheets, which 80% of Special Educators do, often leads to double data entry, manual data graphing processes, potential human error, and ultimately more time spent on paperwork that could be better spent teaching.


Learners with Autism and IDD, receiving ABA-based programming to learn academic, behavioral, functional and life skills, often require more intensive data collection to drive data-based interventions or individualized academic instruction and behavioral supports. Hence, tracking and visualizing daily data on skill acquisition and behavior reduction for this population of learners is critical to understand and improve their progress towards mastering IEP goals.


When teachers, therapists, support staff, and Special Education administrators use disparate systems for data collection, communication, and reporting, it makes collaboration challenging and time-consuming. 


Streamlining special education & ABA-based classrooms with integrated systems greatly reduces administrative time and errors, allowing teachers to do more of what matters—providing high-quality instruction.

CentralReach Integration with Frontline Education 

LiftEd by CentralReach, a leading special education data collection and collaboration software provider designed specifically for educational teams serving learners with Autism & IDD in schools, is now integrated with Frontline Education, a leading provider of school administration software. Frontline’s IEP management solution is a best-in-class platform for special education teams collaboratively working to author, monitor, and report against Individual Education Programs (IEPs) & Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs).

With this integration in place, school & district customers of both Frontline & LiftEd, in New Jersey, gain access to a new automated nightly sync between the two leading platforms. On a nightly basis, student demographic and IEP goals/objectives are automatically sent to LiftEd, allowing for daily updates to ensure educators are working with the most accurate student data.

Now, any member of students’ educational team can can easily align daily data collection and real-time progress monitoring in classrooms on skill acquisition lessons, behavior intervention/support programs, and short term objectives back to students IEP goals housed in Frontline to streamline progress reporting and ensure compliance with federal and state requirements.

New Jersey schools & districts, who are customers of Frontline and/or LiftEd, can take advantage of this integration for free.

Benefits of Software Integration 

Integration between Frontline Education and CentralReach LiftEd benefits educators, behavior analysts, students, and parents in many ways.


Some of the benefits of integration include the following

  • A single source of truth- Automatic integration between your special education software eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures you always have the most accurate, up-to-date information.  
  • A reduced administrative burden on educators- With so many expectations placed on busy educators, integrated software takes some of the administrative duties off their plates. This can have profound effects on staff satisfaction and retention. Most importantly, reducing administrative tasks frees up time that educators can spend directly engaged with their students, accelerating learning outcomes.  
  • Enhanced data security- A centralized location for IEP, ABA, and classroom data collection increases the protection of student records. With a dedicated commitment to security and privacy, Frontline Education and LiftEd by CentralReach are both Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliant.  
  • Greater IEP management and compliance- Integration streamlines compliance with special education regulations and data recording requirements. Student information, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), goal data, and progress reporting are all easily accessible for teachers and IEP team members.  

Amplify Outcomes with LiftEd and Frontline Integration

To learn more about both LiftEd by CentralReach and the Frontline Integration, go to  www.theliftedapp.com or request a demo today. If you already use both solutions, contact your representative at Frontline to enable the integration between LiftEd and Frontline.