Special Education teachers are like gardeners. They plant seeds that last a lifetime!


Even with the ever-evolving classroom demands, they continuously show up every day to inspire and support their students. The impacts that our nation’s special educators have are like deep-seated roots that can never fully be measured or seen, but it’s our mission to ensure that they know how appreciated those efforts are.


To show our gratitude for helping students with Autism and IDD grow, CentralReach is supporting Special Education classrooms across the country.

Special Educators: Dream. Plant. Grow.
Help us nominate someone you know!

Do you have a favorite Special Educator that has made an impact on you or someone you know? We’d like to thank them!

CentralReach will sponsor 5 Special Education teachers’ DonorsChoose projects, for up to $200 each! Simply nominate your deserving teacher by entering them in our K-12 Special Education Teacher Appreciation Contest*.

*K-12 Special Education teachers who are nominated must have a Donors Choose account to be eligible. For full contest rules, click here.