We are thrilled to announce that we’ve opened the nominations for the third annual Autism and IDD Care Awards! This program recognizes outstanding professionals who are embracing technology to transform and scale autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) care across all settings - at home, in schools, and at work. Nominate yourself or someone you know today! 

New this year

We are introducing five award categories, including three individual and two team awards:

  • Autism and IDD Care Honoree: Celebrate an outstanding professional in the autism and IDD care space who is embracing technology to help those they serve achieve better outcomes and live more independent lives. 
  • Innovator of the Year: Recognizes an individual who has introduced innovation into their practice using CentralReach software, demonstrating creativity and forward-thinking in workflows or programs that significantly enhance operations or quality of care. 
  • Exceptional Leadership Award: Honors an individual who has exhibited outstanding leadership in the field of autism and IDD care, making significant contributions through visionary leadership, advocacy, and the promotion of best practices. 
  • Rising Star in Autism and IDD Care: Celebrates a promising individual early in their career (less than 5 years) who has shown exceptional potential and dedication to the field, demonstrating leadership, innovation, and a commitment to improving the lives of individuals with autism and IDD. 
  • Clinical Team Excellence: Honors a clinical team that has exhibited exceptional teamwork, professionalism, and dedication in providing high-quality care, showing a commitment to best practices, collaboration, and continuous improvement. 
  • Operations Team Excellence: Recognizes an operations team that has demonstrated superior performance and efficiency, showing innovation, problem-solving skills, and a commitment to creating a supportive and effective operational environment.

Last year, we honored over 100 exceptional individuals, celebrating over 15 of them in person at CR Unite, the Autism and IDD Care Conference in New Orleans, LA. Four of these honorees participated in a panel discussion, sharing their invaluable insights and personal experiences. This year, we look forward to recognizing our next round of nominees and winners!

Nominations are open now through June 30th

We welcome submissions for therapy practice owners, clinicians, frontline staff, special educators, support professionals, and administrative staff who are utilizing CentralReach’s technology to improve quality care, refine behind-the-scenes operations, and make a positive impact on the autism and IDD community.

Award recipients will be announced at this year’s CR Unite, taking place in Los Angeles, CA, from September 16th-18th

CR Unite 2024

Don’t miss the chance to highlight the incredible work being done in the field of autism and IDD care. Submit your nominations today!

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September 16th-18th

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