If you are like most clinical entrepreneurs, you have probably encountered challenges with billing at some point. Chances are, obstacles like claim rejections, late payments, and ever-changing payor requirements can demand more of your energy than even your most challenging client.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry — you are not alone. In fact, many great companies struggle with billing, especially in the therapy fields. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) billing is especially complicated, as it is still a relatively new area that fluctuates regularly.

CentralReach is proud to offer the industry-leading solution to help lessen the burden of billing challenges and improve the financial health of your practice, exclusively for our customers: CR BillMax Services.

Why Outsource Billing?

Whether you are a new practice just starting out, have been established for years, or anything in between, CR BillMax Services are designed to help you establish the most effective billing processes so you can maximize revenue and clean claim rates while managing all operations within CentralReach. But why should you consider leveraging CR BillMax Services?

1) ABA Expertise: Experienced professionals in ABA billing practices are rare and hard to find, and having one on hand can be a valuable asset to your practice by equipping you with the right knowledge to help you make the best billing decisions. CR BillMax connects you with billing experts who have a successful track record of implementing best-in-class billing functions for ABA organizations, helping them collect up to 96% of all billing made to insurance payors.

2) Centralized Operations: Outsourcing billing to a third party can make you feel like you are losing control and visibility over your cash flow. How would billing entries flow from CentralReach into a third party billing provider in order for them to bill insurance payors? What if a claim needs to be edited based on information in the client profile that the billing company doesn’t have access to? How would payments be posted back to billing entries so that you can close your revenue cycle process? With CR BillMax Services, billing is maintained and processed directly in your CentralReach account. You will have complete visibility over the entire revenue cycle management process, at all times, tracking it down to the individual billing entry level.

3) Best-in-Class Workflows: With CR BillMax Services, you’ll be able to establish proven workflows from professionals whose sole job is to manage your billing in CentralReach. They know the ins and outs of our system and they support ABA organizations like yours maximize revenue every day. In 2018 alone, CR BillMax Services billed over 27 million dollars for CentralReach customers. Our billing experts enable your practice to drastically shorten wait times for claim processing while allowing you to receive the highest possible initial collection from the start. Simultaneously, our denied claims management ensures that no money is left on the table that your practice is owed. As a result of these industry-leading workflows, you will be able to focus more time on growing your practice and providing quality care, instead of chasing down your payors for payments.

4) Training You to Succeed: Other billing companies can take control of your billing operations and do the work on your behalf, but what if that doesn’t align with your long term plans? Could you bring billing operations back in-house one day, not fully knowing what your third-party billing company was doing before? CR BillMax Services understands that your business may only want to outsource billing temporarily, or you might want a long term plan to take billing operations back. Our goal is to continue to support your success no matter the stage where your practice is when it comes to billing and operations. We’ll provide you with the training, workshops, and documentation you need to conduct your billing in-house and ensure you can maintain the end-to-end workflows that have been successfully established in your CentralReach account.

The bottom line is that no practice can succeed without a positive cash flow. With CR BillMax services, you’ll continue to manage all aspects of your practice directly in your CentralReach account so you can maintain a financially healthy business. You will also gain ongoing support and consultation on billing best practices, an increase in clean claim rates, and another partner you can trust who is invested in your success.

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