If you lead a team or manage individuals, nothing is more important than finding effective methods for the two big C’s of teamwork: Collaboration and Communication. The two are critical, and failing at either or both will undoubtedly affect your business success.

Collaboration and communication are especially important for those who work in therapy-based practices where there may be multi-disciplinary therapists and educators working with one client or a number of people within a therapy specialty working together to support clients, such as ABA with a registered behavior technician, a BCBA, and supervisor all engaged on a client.

Because CentralReach was founded by therapy practice professionals with a combined experience of over 100 years, we have first-hand knowledge regarding the importance of collaboration and communication for your practice.  This unique understanding has been the driving force behind developing tools in our software that promote team collaboration and communication that is purposely designed for the therapy world.

Discover how CentralReach can help your organization achieve an A+ for team collaboration and communication.

Real-time Communication for Information Sharing and Better Decision-making

With all the moving parts and people on-the-go in therapy practices, team communication can easily slip through the cracks. So, we created a way for staff to communicate securely without needing to login, and therefore logout, of the software they use. With ReachMe HIPAA-secure chat in CentralReach, employees can instantly communicate with teams of people or with one individual, on-the-go or from their desk. Anywhere CentralReach is used, ReachMe can be as well so that you don’t have to juggle multiple applications, and all of the information that you need is on one screen.

In addition to ReachMe, clinical teams have additional communication options in CentralReach, such as comments that are viewable within a client’s program book while taking or analyzing data. These areas in CentralReach are called the Learning Tree (where programs are built) and the Session (how a program is run). This allows the opportunity for a technician to leave a comment at a certain point in a session without needing to stop any part of the session itself.

Collaboration Tools for Therapy Practices

Therapy practices deal with many moving parts and require individuals with wide-ranging skills to operate successfully. From behavior technicians and clinicians, to your billers, schedulers and human resource managers, people who may rarely see one another will need to collaborate continuously for the business to run properly.

CentralReach takes this dynamic into account when developing software for onboarding staff as well as bringing in new clients. For HR and client intake tasks, CR has made it intuitive and efficient with tools such as:

  • Custom Contact Forms – Gather specific pieces of information on any newly added client, employee, prospective employee or general contact. Easily record vital information immediately from the contact, and set the form to automatically alert an individual, or a set of individuals, once it has been completed. This allows for cross-functional collaboration to more smoothly bring on new employees and clients.
  • Document Management – Use our toolkit to simplify insurance credentialing, employee certifications, everyday HR documentation and organization-wide critical documents.
  • Learning Management System – Easily manage, assign and track online courses to keep your team ahead of CEUs. Leverage course groups for affordable RBT courses and CEUs, and track progress when bringing on new staff.

These tools allow the right people to first receive the individual communication and easily assign additional tasks to the proper colleague(s) for smooth and seamless onboarding. With the ability to require specific documents for certification confirmation, or to assign courses – and track course progress – CentralReach allows users to collaborate seamlessly in real-time whether they share an office wall or work miles apart.

In summary, the goal for the clinical team is always to provide the best possible care to clients. Achieving this is easier when staff can collaborate by creating and sharing HIPAA-secure SOAP notes, program books and more. With the ability to create custom clinical notes templates, handoff a client session to another colleague, and utilize curriculum built by others, providing great care can truly be a team effort.  By leveraging CentralReach’s innovative tools to conquer collaboration and communication, your practice can be more efficient and effective than ever.