HIPAA-secure One-to-one and group chat

Collaborate in Real-time with HIPAA-Secure Chat

Collaborate in Real-time on CentralReach

Prioritize Your Staff Communication with ReachMe

ReachMe is CentralReach’s own HIPAA-compliant messaging application that will allow you and your staff to communicate and connect in real-time to gather input and make decisions efficiently. Utilize this secure chat capability to communicate with one or several colleagues. Plus, you can continuously use CentralReach and not have to open another application for chat.

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Why You Will Love ReachMe

Only Available on CentralReach
ReachMe Chat Example

Easy to share information among staff and supervisors, leading to faster decision-making and seamless collaboration.


PHI and EMR data are always protected, secure and confidential. All chats are securely archived and accessible for future reference.

One-to-one or Group Chat

Hold virtual meetings via chat with multiple team members to gather input and make decisions. Secure, private communication with who you need, when you need them.

Chat Through the Browser

Chat directly through your browser, anytime and anywhere!