CentralReach hires Yukki Lam to lead product strategy for the company’s data and analytics solutions as well as promotes Matt Ward, the architect of company’s AI-driven scheduling solution, to Principal Data Scientist.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - CentralReach, the leading provider of Autism and IDD Care Software, today announced the appointment of Yukki Lam as Director of Product Management, CR Insights, and the promotion of Matt Ward to Principal Data Scientist. The announcement coincides with CentralReach’s ongoing investment in Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and technology-driven data access, literacy, visualization, and innovation to improve financial, clinical, and learner outcomes for CentralReach customers. 


Yukki Lam is seasoned in the healthcare technology space and has a demonstrated history of transforming intricate healthcare data sets into insights and meaningful actions for providers and patients alike. In her new role at CentralReach, Lam will be spearheading the next phase of the company’s data and analytics solutions, CR Insights, which includes its proprietary in-platform reporting and analytics product, Advanced Business Intelligence, as well as its proprietary data repository solution designed for large therapy practices, Data Warehouse. Prior to joining CentralReach, Lam served as Director of Product Management at Scene Health, a medication engagement company, where her product management skills helped the company deliver personalized, evidence-based programs at scale. She also previously served as Director of Product Management at ARMATURE Solutions Corporation, as well as Product Director at Gartner.  


Matt Ward joined the company in 2020 when CentralReach purchased the scheduling company, Cartocal, and has an extensive history in applying advanced mathematical techniques to real-world problems across multiple industries, including in the autism and IDD care space. Since 2020, Ward has been the architect and driving force behind the team developing CentralReach's fully-integrated, patented ScheduleAI tool, which uses AI and ML to optimize schedules for therapy providers that provide care in both clinic and in-home settings. Prior to joining CentralReach, Ward served as a civilian employee of the US Navy, where he applied his skills to a large number of issues facing the Fleet, including optimizing spare parts onboard ships to maximize system availability, evaluating the supportability of different combat system architectures, and applying ML and AI to Tactical Decision Aids. 


“Since the launch of our Data Warehouse and Advanced Business Intelligence products in early 2021, we have methodically increased investment in the quality, speed, and breadth of the data, analytics, and dashboarding solutions with the goal of providing our customers with actionable data to improve learner outcomes and ensure sustainability for their business,” said Chris Sullens, CEO of CentralReach. “The addition of Yukki and the promotion of Matt are particularly exciting because they signal the importance of data science, genAI, and ML to our current and future solutions. Yukki’s extensive time developing sophisticated analytics products in the healthtech space, and Matt’s impressive history in deploying ML and AI to solve pressing challenges, will enable CentralReach customers to achieve new levels of success across the entire care delivery lifecycle.”

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