School is starting! The smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the snap of new binders fill your senses — but something else is on your mind, too.

Staffing. With the start of school comes a drastic shift in schedules. You’ve received endless requests for after-school hours… and even though you knew they were coming, you’re still dreading those uncomfortable conversations with parents and staff about the changes.

You want to make sure clients get their authorized hours. You want to make sure you don’t lose the behavior techs you worked so hard to acquire, train, and keep updated on their certifications. But, the academic year just seems like a tangled mess.

That’s where visibility comes in: if you can’t see what’s happening, it’s hard to make data-based decisions that benefit your business and your clients. But when you have a single “see-it-and-search-it” system designed to make scheduling easy… well, look forward to squeezing in some self-care (and maybe even a nap!) into this busy season.

CentralReach makes the back-to-school transition easy with:

  1. Availability set up: Staff can input both their summer and school-year availability. Or, if you prefer, input staff schedules yourself — CentralReach gives you total flexibility over permissions to make changes.
  2. Searchability: The Find a Provider tool helps administrators search by zip codes, miles to client, availability, and more to match clients with suitable staff. Calendar search features let BCBAs and clinical directors find which RBTs can meet client needs.
  3. Business projection: When you can track authorized hours and staff availability on one platform, you can see the big picture. You know whether to staff down or staff up — and if you are hiring, you know exactly what hours to hire for.
  4. Onboarding: For new staff, onboarding is easier with a Learning Management System containing all-important trainings (HIPAA-compliant, anyone?). Pick and choose courses, or create your own internal trainings. Plus, you can alleviate future worries (did someone say Audit?) with a Document Management system that keeps employees and clients on-track with required trainings, CEUs, credentialing documents, certifications needed and or expired, client intake packets and more – with unlimited storage capabilities, no matter how big your practice is.
  5. Offline Data Collection: Worried about syncing issues and losing all of that client data being collected out on the field during after-school appointments? Don’t be. We’ve got you covered with our mobile application, CR Go.      

So don’t hesitate; get ahead of staffing and scheduling (and billing and data collection) with CentralReach.


Just for the rest of August, we’re extending our summer offer: Request a free online demo of CentralReach and get up to 30% off user fees that don’t start until October 2018!