Learning Management System

Centralize, Accelerate and Streamline Staff Training and Development

CentralReach’s Learning Management System (LMS) is an online platform that allows therapy providers and clinicians to design, administer, document, track, and report on the training and professional development of their staff members in order to meet credentialing requirements and regulations while continuing to support employee RBT training and CEU course fulfillments.

If you are one of the many organizations currently conducting RBT trainings in-house or paying thousands of dollars in continued education reimbursement fees, you’re wasting valuable time and resources that could easily be resolved by building those same required trainings on CentralReach’s LMS platform. Building courses in our LMS helps you streamline your employee training to be compliant with policies and insurance companies while saving time, energy, and resources. As a care provider, you have multiple agencies or various schools in your district that require employees across a state or across the country to receive a needed training; with CentralReach’s LMS you can centralize and optimize your training to support onboarding, professional development and easily manage remote workforce - simply and affordably.

Staff Training and Development Has Never Been This Easy

Quickly set up courses using reusable templates.

Easily assign courses to staff.

Work in collaboration with staff by sharing a course and building it together.

Create quizzes and survey forms, upload files, and add videos.

Keep staff up-to-date with organization-specific training, policies as well as CEUs.

Purchase and assign courses on the CR Marketplace.

Easily assign staff tasks with expected due dates.

Track and monitor progress.

Your Content and Courses, at Your Speed

Create Your Own Training Courses and Content

Use audio, video, and slides to create behavior technician trainings, continued education courses, and various other trainings that will help your staff develop professionally and stay in compliance with payors and school districts. For example, during onboarding of new staff, there is always a learning curve on internal processes and policies, with the LMS you will be able to easily put together the steps and information needed to get new employees up to speed through courses that are automatically assigned to new team members.

Courses the Way You Want Them

In addition, you can build the mandatory courses that your staff need to become credentialed and be approved by insurance providers. Rather than coordinating trainers and staff to attend an in-person 40-hour session, you can easily and affordably create the same trainings in the LMS, saving you time and money. You can also create end-of-course quizzes to check on understanding and download quiz certificates to save in employee files. You will also be able to create your courses with reusable templates for fast and efficient course building!

Keep Everybody on Track

Assign Courses to Staff

After you create or purchase courses, you can assign them to staff and set a due date for completion via CentralReach’s Tasks feature. Staff can also find courses and content via the CR Marketplace and assign courses to themselves, empowering them to own their professional development.

Track Course Progress and Performance

View staff progress on courses and if they’re on track to completing on time. Did your staff watch the full video? What was their score on their quiz? What is the percentage of completion? When setting up your courses, you’ll be able to select whether or not your staff can fast forward videos, if they need to initial each page, and even add timed tests for extra efficiency. You can send reminders and generate reports all within CentralReach.

Purchase and Distribute Courses on the CR Marketplace

Don’t have time to build your own courses?

You can purchase and assign courses to your staff through the CR Marketplace, our online clinical knowledge and resource center for health care professionals and caregivers with free and paid content, engaging courses, and curriculum from qualified providers.

Need to get CEUs for BCBA’s?

No problem! Search the CR Marketplace and view the course outline to find the right match for your staff needs. After you purchase the content, you can immediately access it in your library.

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