About CentralReach

CentralReach provides the #1 AI-powered Autism and IDD Care software platform for
applied behavior analysis (ABA) practices, multidisciplinary practices, and PreK-12 special education.

We Are on a Mission to Unlock Potential in Autism and IDD Care

Ever since CentralReach was founded, we’ve been on a mission to provide the leading software and services platform to help children and adults diagnosed with autism and related IDDs – and those who serve them – unlock potential, achieve better outcomes, and live more independent lives.

With our roots in Applied Behavior Analysis, we are revolutionizing how the lifelong journey of autism and IDD care is tech-enabled at home, school, and work; and for all services provided including ABA and multidisciplinary therapies such as speech and occupational therapy.

Trusted by more than 175,000 professionals globally, CentralReach combines ongoing product innovation and market-leading industry expertise with world-class client satisfaction and support of the autism and IDD community to propel autism and IDD care into a new era of excellence.

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CentralReach Leadership

With decades of healthcare technology and autism and IDD care expertise, CentralReach’s leadership team is advancing tech-enabled care for individuals with autism and IDD.

CentralReach Cares

CentralReach is dedicated to causes that propel the autism and IDD community as well as our local communities forward.

CR Cares

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