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CentralReach’s story started in 2012 at an ABA clinic in Pompano Beach, Florida. The company's founder, a practicing Board Certified Behavior Analyst, was drowning in manual work – from paper billing and clinical data collection to clinical reporting. With client outcomes in mind, she created a technology-based solution that reduced time-consuming administrative work and freed her to spend time where it matters most – serving clients.

Today, under the leadership of Chris Sullens, award-winning CEO in the technology space, CentralReach remains committed to its mission: to provide the leading software and services platform to help children and adults diagnosed with autism and related IDDs - and those who serve them - unlock potential, achieve better outcomes, and live more independent lives. Now the leader in the applied behavior analysis (ABA) field, CentralReach continually strives to propel the autism and IDD care industry forward through cutting-edge technology, an unrelenting commitment to excellence, and a culture devoted to serving the growing neurodiverse population.

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Led by award-winning CEO Chris Sullens.

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CentralReach recently won the NJBIZ 2019 New Jersey Best Places to Work Award, and is leading the way in technology and services that help Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practitioners provide quality autism care and superior outcomes. Check out our careers now and be part of a team driven by a meaningful purpose.