Special education solutions
that drive student success

Unlock student potential with cutting-edge technology designed to meet the needs of learners with autism and IDD in the classroom setting

Transforming special education programs to measurably drive student outcomes

How do special education teachers do it? They develop individual education programs (IEPs), differentiate instruction, collect ongoing data to remain in compliance, and so much more. With the growing demands associated with special education, districts struggle to provide equitable access to high-quality instruction for all students. We are here to help. Our team of industry-leading experts developed our educational solutions with one intent - to make a difference.

Identify, track, and teach to success

When a student enters a classroom, educators need to identify their present level of academic achievement and functional performance. That’s where WebABLLs and AFLSonline, the premier digital assessment tools, comes in – making it easy to identify strengths and skill gaps, helping educators program appropriately.

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Meaningful IEP tracking

Our data collection solution is specifically designed for classroom use, equipping educators with an easy-to-use tool to track and monitor student progress. Automatic reports provide educators with invaluable insight to help guide instruction.

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Increasing Independence

Learning doesn’t have to stop when instruction ends. Provide your students with evidence-based solutions that scaffold, reinforce, and accelerate progress across all settings. With task-based assistive technology, build student confidence and increase success in the workplace and beyond.

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The preferred tool to assess students in the classroom

Capture a complete picture of each students abilities, faster and easier than ever. WebABLLS is a proven tool that provides educational teams with a comprehensive and robust platform for conducting assessments, generating reports, and guiding instruction.

Clinical WebABLLS

Empower educators with easy-to-use tools to collect meaningful data

Simplify data collection and progress monitoring in the classroom with Thread by CentralReach. The intuitive platform enhances program management, promotes collaboration, and provides educators with auto-generated graphs and reports, giving educators time back to do what they do best – teach!

avail by CentralReach

Extend learning from school to home and the community

Empower students to achieve maximum independence and success through a virtual, on-demand solution. avail by CentralReach equips students with a personal teaching assistant, providing individualized content with embedded, evidence-based supports to build student confidence and increase independence at school, at home, and in the community.

What are customers saying about avail?

“In an era in which high quality web-based personalized learning solutions are urgently needed and hard to come by, avail® stands out for its accessibility and rich content in promoting student independence.” Dr. Anthony Giordano, Superintendent at Mansfield Township School District, New Jersey.


Provide learners with personalized, evidence-based interventions

Built on the science of applied behavior analysis, avail provides students with individualized instruction that builds competency through scaffolding, repetition, systematic prompting, ongoing assessments, and so much more.

Enable teachers to easily meet instructional demands

Using state-of-the art technology, avail’s tools and reports provide educators with the information necessary to make data-based decisions to support all students in every environment.

Increase student confidence and independence

Schools using avail® have reported that the platform reduces the need for one-to-one assistance, and enhances learning in the classroom and community by promoting student confidence and success through independence.