Enjoy the webinar recording on handwriting skills. Over the last 50 years, Elizabeth Haughton has helped produce transformational outcomes for learners with dyslexia, cerebral palsy, ASD, and other diagnoses. We’re honored to have her speak on developing a key functional language skill: handwriting.


Handwriting is still the most used form of output in today’s classrooms, yet student handwriting performance is steadily declining — a development much to the detriment of both students and teachers. Whatever teaching plan or materials you use to teach handwriting, as with the development of any motor skill, the real focus must be on the Practice and Measurement plan. In this webinar, Elizabeth Haughton shares time-tested ways of making handwriting practice both fluent and fun.


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Your Practice Plan

Many students need daily monitored practice to develop fluent handwriting. In this webinar, Elizabeth will discuss creating practice plans which pinpoint foundational skills, set achievable aims, use multichannel practice activities, and ensure that the practice honors the learner with ‘achievable chunks’ that provide reinforcement from success as well as room for improvement.

Your Measurement Plan

An effective measurement plan requires continual monitoring of performance, displayed on a chart that facilitates ease of recording and analysis of your data, which in turn guides adaptations to your instruction and practice plans. Elizabeth will talk about the fine points of effective measurement using Precision Teaching, and share some of the key outcomes for handwriting success and methods for their consistent measurement. Included are examples from real learners.


Elizabeth Haughton has devoted her professional life to providing children and adults with programs that assure learning success. Combining compassionate teaching with the science of Precision Teaching, she works with students who need development of their visual, auditory, language and motor learning channels.

Elizabeth has taught for twenty years in general and special education classrooms in both the United States and Canada.  For the past thirty years Elizabeth has been director and learning specialist at the Haughton Learning Center. She has also been an educational consultant, a teacher trainer, and is the author of several Precision Teaching and fluency-building instructional programs, including Phonological Coding, Rapid Automatic Naming, Mathematics Tool Skills, and Handwriting.

Elizabeth has been the proud recipient from the Standard Celeration Society of both the Our Teacher Award and the Ogden R. Lindsley Lifetime Achievement Award.