The turnout was great, the information shared was invaluable and the big news was exciting for us to share. We couldn’t be more pleased about the first CentralReach User Conference that took place in Anaheim on February 9, 2017. We can’t say thank you enough to those who showed up or watched live for making the night a success. This was the first, but it will not be the last.


We understand many people would have loved to have been in Anaheim for the event who simply couldn’t make it.

Practice Management

CentralReach VP of Enterprise Solutions Chris Plante discussed best practices and workflow recommendations on the CentralReach PM modules. His topics included the incredibly valuable Custom Contact Forms, Saved Filters in Billing and utilizing the ERA List. He previewed the revamped Find a Provider tool, the Client Portal and the Payment Reconciliation Report. Chris also touched on other PM improvements that are further down the Pipeline, such as the Executive Dashboard, Denial Management and more.



CentralReach VP of Clinical Product Development Greg Paquette talked specifically the Learn module in CentralReach. He reminded users the many uses of Clinical Notes & Forms in Learn. Greg provided best practices and workflow recommendations that included using labels and filters to trach important documentation and using signature fields for quick auto-sharing with supervisors and parent. Greg then previewed the upcoming revamp to Learning Trees and several new graph updates. Greg finished his presentation by alerting users to other improvements in the pipeline, such as ABC Data Collection and improvements to the VB-MAPP.

New Premium Features

CentralReach Director of Brand and Innovation Brian Curley discussed several new Premium Features recently added to CentralReach. He touched on the new Learning Management System (LMS) and the Document Management Express (DMX) features. These features allow organizations to continue utilizing CentralReach for additional business needs without ever leaving the platform. Brian then discussed another addition in the pipeline at CentralReach, the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). The CentralReach HRIS will ultimately include the ability to track PTO, Benefits, Assets, Applicants and more through CentralReach.


New iPhone and Android App!

Last but certainly not least, the CentralReach team unveiled plans for a CentralReach App, which is coming in the Summer of 2017. More details are coming soon on the functionality the CR App will possess.

Thanks again to everyone who attended and made the CentralReach User Conference such a great event!