Owners of small ABA organizations commonly wear many different hats. Directing and supervising clinical care, recruiting, hiring, and training staff, marketing, and scheduling are just a few of the many responsibilities that tend to fall on the organizational leader. Now more than ever, small and mid-size ABA providers are increasingly utilizing technology solutions for staff onboarding, training, and skill development to improve efficiency and allow them to focus more on sustainable growth and quality of care.

Complexities of Staff Onboarding, Training, and Skill Development

With the many responsibilities that small ABA practice owners have, training and developing staff can be one of the most time-consuming. ABA therapy is complex, requiring even entry-level staff to have a solid understanding of principles of behavior and how to implement them with their learners. Best practices are consistently evolving, requiring clinicians to engage in continuing education to be better equipped to provide the best possible care for their learners. 


The time-consuming nature of new staff onboarding and training can also impact the current staff within an organization, resulting in burnout, as current staff tends to take on extra responsibilities when understaffed. With turnover being the most significant financial strain on behavioral health organizations, reducing burnout and subsequent turnover is vital.  


According to the BACB, behavior analysts are still in high demand, with a substantial shortage in many U.S. states. As organizations struggle to find qualified behavior analysts to support their growing needs, many providers are placing an increased focus on mentoring their current clinicians for a future role as highly skilled and knowledgeable behavior analysts. 

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Benefits of Technology for Staff Training and Skill Development

CR Institute reduces the financial and logistical burdens associated with ABA staff onboarding, training, and skill development. A streamlined platform helps organizations of all sizes improve their onboarding practices and develop highly knowledgeable staff across all positions.  


Some of the benefits of CR Institute include:


Improved accessibility and flexibility. Online onboarding and training courses allow for increased schedule flexibility, allowing staff to get onboarded much quicker than they would otherwise.  


Invest in staff career growth. Develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies of your team at every level from RBT® training to BCBA® exam prep and 200+ continuing education courses for your behavior analysts.  


Enhanced visibility into training progress. With full visibility, you can monitor your team’s progress through training courses to ensure they’re understanding the material and progressing at a pace that keeps up with your organizational needs.  


Increased efficiency. A streamlined platform for all things training can improve organizational efficiency, allowing for a faster onboarding process, so staff can begin providing client care quicker.  


Reduced turnover. Providing your staff with access to high-quality, in-depth training allows them to build their competencies in the field. This encourages retention within your organization as your staff feel better prepared for their new positions.  


Increased job satisfaction. Investing in your team through high-quality training and continuing education opportunities shows you value their career growth. 


Customizable. Companies can use the pre-existing courses within CR Institute or create their own trainings with many advanced course building features.

Explore Technology Solutions for your ABA Practice

Learn how small ABA organizations are using technology solutions to build training, skill development, and onboarding programs that acquire, train, and retain staff effectively in this webinar, Building Training, Skill Development, and Onboarding Programs for Smaller ABA Practices.