Moving towards an electronic platform for your clinical data collection and documentation? A daunting task, right? Well, CentralReach can make it easier, while keeping the things that are important to you as an agency and more importantly, as a clinician. Many folks are sometimes hesitant to start electronic goal writing, data collection, or analysis. One of the main reasons is the fear that they may have to change the way they write programs, collect data, or that they may lose some critical analysis power. Have no fear – here are some easy ways that you can remain a top-notch clinician, while having the power of a HIPAA-compliant software in your toolkit.

Your programs, CentralReach style. When users first join CentralReach for their clinical platform, one of the most important things for the clinical team to decide on is what they will want their programs to look like. Most agencies have a specific way of writing their programs and objectives. The CentralReach Implementation team will learn about how you program, how you write your goals, and what details are needed. Users can create Instructional Note templates which are a framework for future goals. They are, in essence, a shell, where the users can plug in important items such as SDs, materials, Reinforcement, instructions and more. Why is this important? First off, these sheets are familiar for the user. They are controlled by the lead clinicians on your team, so that the important items on a program are laid out. The clinical team can also create different templates for different types of teaching. It saves time, all while keeping consistent for future program layout, as well as keeping familiarity and adherence to agency standards.

Your curriculum, now in your CentralReach library. All those programs users have written may comprise an amazing company goal bank. Or, the Clinical team may have developed a curriculum over time that needs to be housed and shared. Gone are the days of google docs or a shared U drive passed around to new clinicians when they onboard the agency. The Clinical team can compile these important packages, organize how they want and set up different levels of access and permissions. For example, agencies can set up review processes, have folks request an edit, and then push live to the rest of the team. The best part – when new items are added to the library or changes are made, all the folks that need these items will have the most updated versions.

Your data collection methods, just a little more “hip”. Duration. Rate. Task Analysis. Fluency. Time Sampling methods. Those, plus all the rest. Our users come to us with types of data that they need to collect. These same users come to us with wonderfully organized paper data sheets that they are proud of. We hear you loud and clear and know it is hard to change. No one should have to change their methodology to fit a system. Users are taught how to collect their type of data in CentralReach. Technicians are taught to click and score. CentralReach allows total customization of methods, programming, and scoring. Same methodology, just a different lay out. The best part – immediate graphing, immediate storage, and years of record keeping, all in one HIPAA secure environment.

Have questions about CentralReach’s data collection and clinical capabilities? You can learn more by visiting us here and if you’d like to view our platform firsthand, register for our Clinical Open Demos, happening every week!