The special education landscape is continuously evolving to meet the unique needs of the growing special education population. A customized approach to learning is vital for the best possible educational outcomes. By harnessing the power of special education software and data-driven insights, educators can provide customized learning experiences that elevate each student’s unique path.

Assess What Matters 

The first step in an individualized approach to education is thoroughly assessing each student’s strengths and areas of need. Assessments serve a vital purpose in guiding the development and implementation of an individualized learning experience.  


Educators can assess what matters most with ABLLS-R | AFLS, a CR Assessments Product. With an all-in-one platform for evaluating your student’s skills, you can identify a complete picture of their strengths and areas of needed focus. Gather a baseline of each student’s present level of performance and track their progress over time. Using the digital versions of ABLLS-R and AFLS, you can streamline your assessment workflows for enhanced efficiency.


Some of the benefits of CR Assessments include:

    • Access to both ABLLS-R and AFLS in an all-in-one digital platform 
    • Assess over 2,400 skills; Choose the skill categories to assess that are applicable to your student 
    • Grid output to visually analyze skills and progress 
    • Share assessment access with multiple assessors, allowing caregivers, therapists, and other educators to assess skills
    • Seamlessly create customizable reports on your student’s assessment results 
    • Digital assessments can easily follow your students throughout their educational journey 

Monitor Progress 

Once you have assessed your student’s skills, the next step in elevating your students’ educational path is creating goals and monitoring progress. Seamlessly shift from assessment to goal progress with CR LiftEd. With evidence-based technology designed for special educators, CR LiftEd offers a user-friendly data collection and progress monitoring solution.  


Use your assessment results to create individualized goals and guide instruction. Enter your new goals in LiftEd and track data on each one. You can even directly upload goals from other Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) to track data and monitor IEP progress. Educators and paraprofessionals can also monitor data on behaviors interfering with a student’s learning within the LiftEd platform. Next, visually analyze your student’s goal progress with automatic graphing to make data-based decisions about your student’s educational progress easily. From there, you can even generate customizable reports that can be exported and shared with caregivers, therapists, and other members of your student’s education team.

Provide Individualized Support

Individualized support is another vital piece to elevating your student’s educational journey. You can do this with avail by CentralReach! avail is a supportive technology platform that helps your student develop skills independently. Create personalized visual schedules and video models with individualized prompt fading to allow your students to practice performing their goals.  Improve your student’s progress toward goal mastery by promoting independence. avail has been found to reduce the need for 1:1 support by 30%, and is currently supporting Vocational Services, School Districts and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to efficiently deliver Pre ETS and transitions services to their students. 

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